Thank You T-Nation

There has been alot of talk about the newbies taking over. I’m oldschool T-Nation and hope to keep reading the great posts by Professor X, Vroom, Shadow, NateDogg, JSBrooks and DC Trainer.

You guys always have educated posts. We’ve all been flamed or flamed someone on here so it’s all fair in love and war. I’m not a professional bodybuilder or powerlifter by any means. I’m a gym owner and trainer.

I decided to repost some pics when one of my members who is a teenage boy weighing in at 120 and is 5 foot 10 pounds wants to loose weight to get a six pack. I told him to take that thought out of his mind and just fuckin eat and lifts some iron!!

These damn kids want to look like Ryan Seacrest or Justin Timberlake. “God Help Us T-Nation!” I always tell all my members to read this site as well as EliteFitness and a few others.

My current weight is 187 and I’m 5 foot 7. I’m about to turn 31 on July 1 and my goal is to deadlift overy 500 pounds on my birthday. (you’ll get the video.)

I like to lift heavy weights but I probably fall into the bodybuilding lifestyle more. I also skateboard and do MMA. Because of the MMA I don’t want to get over 200 pounds or I would get destroyed by the big guys. Below are some pics to say thank you again to T-Nation all the staff and writers and to Professor X, Vroom, JSBrooks, DCTrainer, Shadow and NateDogg for all the great posts.

Back Shot

Tire Flip

Relaxed Front Shot

Yep it’s Heavy


More Legs

Getting Power bombed

Yes I have a life outside the gym.

I dont’ know what you would call this

I’m not sure what you would call this

Wow. I’m all of a sudden very concerned about the direction that T-Nation is going in. When a man with 17 1/2 inch arms gets a 4.9 or whatever it is its a bit… sad. People are more concerned with looking like Ryan Seacrest and having a six-pack then being able to kick ass and take names.

My view may be a little biased but still.

It’s wrong.

Thanks for the reply… I actually have 18 inch arms. I’m very sad by the ratings… :slight_smile:

I say good job.

Maybe a front double bi will sway the votes?

[quote]rsg wrote:
I say good job.

Maybe a front double bi will sway the votes?[/quote]

Thanks Man… Lifting weights and eating the way I want has been crazy Lately. I moved to a new city, opened a new gym, and my wife and I had our first baby. “this was all at the same time!” My friends that I was crazy but what the hell. You only live once.
Training my body is one of the few things I look foward to during the day.

What are your current lifts?

My background was Track, Gymnastics and Wrestling. I’m really good with bodyweight things such as Rings and Horse.

I run a 40 in around 4.5 or 4.6
Deadlift was 500 pounds
Bench press was only 345
12 inch box sqauts hip relaxed is 345
I do 38 inch box jumps.

I’ve really had to work hard at my size and strength. When I was in highschool I weighed around 135 for my sports listed above. College I weighed in at 150. After college I went up to 180-190
I’ve never really had to work hard for things that had to do with balance, mobility or explosive bursts.
I’m very fast twitch which is what my sports required.

There are plenty of guys stronger then me in Squat/Deadlift/Bench but they can’t do weighted dips with 110 pounds strapped to them or walk on their hands all day.

We are all built different and are great at different things. That what I love about our world and the people in it… Thank You for your positvie comments!

Damn man, i just wanted to comment how crazy your quads are. It’s like they’re about to snap your knees :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up man, good progress, don’t let the low rating let ya down, some of these people are looking for the spitting image of ron

Hey dude

I think you’ve done great. Slightly wider shoulders and lats would make you appear even bigger. You’ve got a good thing going.

I think you’d get some more positive responses on the physique and performance page flipping that 500 pound tire.