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Thank You T-Nation


I just wanted to give a whole-hearted thanks to both the posters and staff of T-Nation.

Last fall, I weighed 145, was unmotivated, and had failed out of college. . . blah, blah, blah. In a word: lame.

I was desperate for some sort of motivation. Some impetus, a fire in my gut, anything really. I searched google for things like ‘motivational speeches,’ “inspiring books,” and then finally “powerful images.”

(Clever reader, stay with me :D)

Dear sweet mother of all that is holy; I had found T-Nation’s powerful images. (T-Vixens anyone?!)

The men and women featured had a spark of life about them. An intensity, a vibrancy. There was an immediate sense of respect and admiration for them. Zane was just larger than life. I wanted that.

I started reading at 2 in the morning and finished well past sunrise. Thankfully, vroom had a beginner’s guide to the forum. I bookmarked it and then took the recommendation to learn about the site search. No more self help books and porn. I had a higher calling; “squats and milk.” The attitude, the testosterone, changed my life that day.

I now weight 176lbs and studied my ass off to gain re-admittance to college. I start the summer as a full time student in less than 2 weeks. I even have a beautiful girlfriend who works out with me. I credit T-Nation for these accomplishments.

To the authors- THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS! The work is insightful and makes this site what it is. Your cost keeps the knowledge within reach(poor college student) ;D.
To the posters (old guard and new)- Thank you for your banter, candor and the discussions. I learned to shut up and squat from you guys.
To the 110 lb cutters- Thank you for reminding me where I come from.

This is truly a unique site. The community has made excellence obtainable and accountable. You are all appreciated in the grandest of ways. I can see why people call T-Nation home.


Good to hear about your progress. And good to see that you didn’t feel the need to post pictures at your current weight. Keep going! You sound like you are doing great, in so many ways.

I am interested in your progress. Keep us updated.

Awesome ~

Awesome job and congrats Iam. Glad you made a change for the better. Keep soaking up the knowledge on here, it can only help you.

Helluva first post.

[quote]FightingScott wrote:
Helluva first post. [/quote]

Sure beats all the hotornot posters.

Keep going OP. You came from exactly where I did. Pretty soon people are not going to recognize you when you walk by. Two more years of hard work, you’ll be 220+. Just keep trying to get stronger.

Thanks for the replies and encouragement!

I am working towards 210 lb so two years sounds about right. I’ll upload a pic then XD. Here’s to enjoying the journey there.

I posted here to let others like me know one CAN change and that such change feels better than you could imagine. The first time you look at a stack of weights and say, “I can handle that,” is awesome. Same thing for school, work, women and life. “I can handle that. . .”

To all my fellow beginners, stick with it. The effort will pay off, it will just take a while. Promise. Just have a little faith in the Nation :D.

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