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Thank You T-Nation!

My name is Sean Connolly and I have been reading articles from T-Nation for a couple of months.

I immediately bought supps - Power Drive, Metabolic Drive (chocolate), Spike Shooters, Grow! and Surge. I’ve been careful not to become dependant but I love them all. Power Drive really is underrated, I feel clear headed and I feel like it helps with recovery even though it isn’t designed to. This isn’t one of those “It makes my cack 3 times bigger!” claims. And if it is a placebo, then I love placebos! I can’t do cardio with Spike but I can lift hard and focused. The shake at night - Cottage cheese, NATURAL peanut butter and chocolate Metabolic Drive is better than ice cream and leaves me feeling damn good! Again, is it a placebo affect that leaves me feeling better and clear headed after the shake each night? Who gives a shit?!

Of course after reading about the glycemic index and insulin index etc. I changed the way I eat. I’m eating all day taking in probably around 5000 cals a day. I haven’t started logging yet (paying my dues) and for that I’m sorry, but I will!

I recently read an article which had a pyramid with nutrition first, then exercise, lifestyle and supplements. I personally would put lifestyle first because for me nothing else is possible without the motivation of living a decent life. Either way it is great to see the T-men who make the supps putting it last. I also had no idea that diet was so important.

I have been on Chad Waterbury’s Total-Body Training plan for five weeks and am reaping the benefits of being a newbie! With the boost I get from half a can of Spike I have the focus to keep what I think is good form and stay focused those last few reps. I tried the double Surge today because I was on the bike for 20 min after a full body workout. We’ll see how that goes. I am getting slow and can’t wait to get outside and sprint.

When I ask someone a question at the gym I ask the person who is fit, not the tubby bitch with the “trainer” shirt on. As a beginner it was a relief to read threads written by body builders and people who speak from their results.

Apparently I “caught the gay” for training regularly, changing my everyday diet, not drinking alcohol and taking on rock climbing as a hobby. With friends like these huh… ? I also read an article about people who try to bring you down. That was so fun to read!

My point? The results are in the mirror. Every day I wake up feeling damn good about the way I look/feel. After I get back from the gym I feel amazing. My confidence has boosted which lead to my new job.

After each thread written, people reply with “great thread!” then eventually “I think this is ridiculous blahh” I’m here to tell you that the education is appreciated.

Good post, man! Keep it up.

Totally Ridiculous!!

Congrats on joining the “Nation” and adopting a new and more healthful lifestyle, Sean!!! Those comments from “friends” are a pretty good indicator that they’re feeling guilty/insecure about their appearance and their lack of motivation to do what it takes to improve it. You on the other hand (and in contrast) are making changes, delaying immediate gratification and reaping the rewards!!!

Just make sure you’re checking in on a regular basis … for information and for inspiration. Continue to read and raise your level of knowledge. As good as it is right now, it’s only going to get better!!! (grin)