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Thank You T-Nation!!!

First thing, I want to thank everyone at T-Nation for giving me the motivation to start back building my body the way that I want it. Whether you were a complete smart ass or almost like a mentor to other members, I took that and used it for myself.

Now onto my story:

I joined the Army back in 2004 when I was a fat kid. The army got me down to a whopping 170, but that wasn’t where I wanted to be. When I got off of an active status in 2007, I dropped all training and went back to doing what I wanted, not what I needed. I got back up to about 225. (not the good 225 either)

Well in February of this year I went to New Orleans, and had tons of pictures taken of my wife and myself. That’s when it hit me that I was out of control. I got back into town, and joined the gym the next day. The next day I found T-Nation. I lurked around and read, and absorbed the info in the threads, and got to work.

I’m back down to a not impressive, but non the least bigger (not fatter) than the average guy. 202lbs.

I really don’t have pics of me then that shows my body because I always hid it, but will post pics of myself soon.

Some goals and stats

I want to bulk back up to 210-215, but cleanly. My nutrition is definitely my downfall. Anyways, I’m working on that day to day.

Even though I am trying to get my weight from 202ish to about 215, I have to keep my 2 mile run down at least under 15:00 minutes. I have incorporated a cardio program in with my lifting so that I can keep my fat in check as well as my lungs for running.


Weight 202lbs.
Bodyfat unknown
Neck 17.25"
Height 5’9"
Chest 44"
Quads 24"
Arms 16"
Midsections 36.5"

Alright now that i have covered my background on with the actual training log. Any tips, advice, smart remarks will be welcome. I have been doing this program for a week and a half, and it goes like this.

Incline Press
Shoulder Press
2 Tricep Workouts

Leg Curls
Calf Raises
T-Bar Row
Lat Pulldown
2 Bicep Workouts

same as Mon

same as Tues

The set and rep schemes change from workout to workout, and some of the exercises are switched out. Like the squat could be replaced with front squats, or leg presses. The cardio will just be put in the log as I do it.

Finally on the today’s workout: (I’m a day behind this week)

Wed Aug 12
Cardio- swam laps for 30 minutes (kicked my ass)

Leg press 4x8 200, 250, 250, 250
Leg curls 3x10 100, 110, 110
Standing calf raise 3x12 300
T-Bar row 4x8 135, 145, 145, 145
Lat Pulldown 3x10 160
Seated DB curl 3x10 20s, 20s, 20s
Machine Preacher 3x10 50

Today was alright. I worked really hard on the negatives of all of the exercises. I’ll up the weight at the end of the week.

Song of the Day: Weedeater Gimme Back my Bullets (Skynyrd coversong)

Here are the pics I promised.

pic 1



most muscular (kinda)


back double bi

leg 2

All previous pics are from August 12, 2009 and I’ll be giving more progress pics every 6 weeks or so.

Alright guys and gals…That is my story. Now let me know what you think so far.

A new day, an off day except for the pool and running. I’ll give stats later.

I just finished up at the pool. It took about 30 minutes until I couldn’t move my arms. I’m not in great cardiovascular shape yet but I’m getting there. I just kinda move around in the pool for the amount of time I’m in there because I can’t really swim that great. 3.5 miles is coming up tonight.

update on the run Epic Fail

I tried out some new shoes and they are fucking horrible! I stopped by my house after the second mile to change shoes, but I could not recover from the pain in my lower back and calves. Once I changed shoes though, the pain did lessen to a great degree. I got 3 miles out of it. I was a half mile short.
Song of the day Cage the Elephant Aint No Rest for the Wicked

Friday Aug 14,2009

I got chest shoulders and tris today. Also I got a little ruck run I plan on doing. Oh yeah!