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Thank You T-Nation Members!

It’s been a long time since I’ve come back to these forums.

I just want to give a big thanks to everyone to helped me out previously. I am finally hitting the goals I set out to achieve. I stopped reading things online, I stopped doubting my exercise selection, and I stopped about every little detail. I now know there is no such thing as a perfect workout program. There is just working out hard, not missing days, eating well (more than eating a lot), and just have fun during the process because it will be a grind. I learned that 3x5 is not the end all be all to all programs. I learned that believing in your program and giving it 100% will outweigh anything else!

When I moved to Denver I decided to start fresh, even with my workout routine and mentality. I was originally going to do a 3 day 531, but then I said to myself, I have to stick to my goals. It was simple, it was get strong and get good at the olympic lifts.

I lift 4 days a week

Monday - Squats, Presses, Pulls, etc.
Tuesday - Snatch, C&J, Abs+Low Back
Thursday - Squats, Presses, Pulls, etc.
Friday - Snatch, C&J, Deadlift, Abs+Low Back

I finally got to a 225 Front Squat without any back squatting @ 165 lbs.
I finally got to a 155lb Overhead press with no bench pressing.
I finally got to a 300lb deadlift with only doing 1x5 each week.
I finally got to a 200lb Clean & jerk by only doing the full lifts.
I finally got to a BW snatch by only doing the full lifts.

To all beginners reading this. Just listen to the strong guys on this forum. Don’t over complicate things. And bust ass in the gym and kitchen and you will get to your goals. No matter what program you decide, as long as you give it your all you will get the results you’re setting.

Do simple things savagely!!!

Also don’t forget to condition at least 1-2x a week. Carrying boxes from Costco up 3 flights of stairs will not be a problem then :smile:



Great job man, keep working hard!

follow your dreams

you can reach your goals

I’m living proof




Nice! What’s your current routine like?

thanks fellas! My routine goes:

Front squats - 3x5+ (last set go all out)
Paused front squats - 3x3
Overhead press - 3x5+ (last set go all out)
Barbell row - 4x8
Dips - 50+ reps
Mixed pull ups - 50+ reps

Snatch (heavy) - 10x2
C&J (light) - 6x3
Snatch Pull - 3x3
RDL - 4x10
AB wheel - 4x15
Suitcase hold - 4x30 seconds
*Flip tire 5 times that’s it

Front squat - 5x3+ (80-90%)(last set go all out)
Split squat - 4x10
Push Press - 3x5+ (last set go all out)
Pendlay row - 5x6
DB over head press (1 hand) - 4x8
Kroc rows - 3x25

Snatch (light) - 6x3
Clean & jerk (heavy) - 10x2
Clean pull 3x3 OR DL 1x5
Ghr 3x10
Hanging leg raises - 4x12
Ab wheel 3x15
Back extension 3x20