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Thank You T-NATION Fat to Fit


It was late Agust 2009 and life started to change for me.
Everything fell apart... I will leave it at that.
I decided to take control of one thing no one could take away.
So I started training and reading up on your advice.....

I was 220
Struggling with 135 Bench
Didnt know how to squat
80 lbs deadlift felt like murder....

Today 175
5x5 300 lbs squat
5x5 145 lbs over head press
1RM max 390 lbs Dead lift.

Working out with 230 on bench, not sure what max is gonna test it in December...

Any ways
Still trying to dial in on diet.
260 grams protein is the only thing i know i get every day.
Body fat moves from 12-16% rapidly with diet...
Not sure why I can add fat so fast but Fig ill shed it when I hit my strength goals...

So the question =)
What is a good squat goal for a 175lbs guy?
Is it relative to my Dead lift?

Any common cause for the fat increase/decrease when diet is pretty clean all the time?
I mean should I be cal deficient on Non lifting days?

Typical day diet wise is 260g protien, 100-200 g carbs fats? well 9x 1000mg fish oil and what ever is in gold standard whey and Chicken breasts/Tuna....

Thats about all I eat, shakes, chicken,tuna, Oatmeal....

Before pic 220
After pic 160
Current stat 175 16%.. Would like to be leaner but I think that will come in time....

Well thanks guys..


try this again 160 lbs


that is awesome man! good for you

I love these kinds of threads where people take control of their body and transform it into something they can be proud of.


Well done dude! Great progress and efforts.


Nice work on taking control of your own body.

As for a good squat goal: 2xBW is a good start but at 300x5 you probably have a lock on that already. Shoot for 405, IMO. Deadlift is usually stronger... 50-100lbs over your squat seems to be pretty normal. So that would put you at a 450-500 lb dead with your 405 squat. If that seems heavy just remember that your limits are much higher than you think.

Keep kicking ass dude. Stay in control and consistent and you'll get there.


First off dude, you've done a great fucking job.

You have a good shape to you, and you could go very far in the game, IMO, once you really learn your body.

Whatever gave you that fire, thank it. A lot of people will never understand. Feel lucky.

Fucking heavy. :wink: (i'll explain in a min.)

Who gives a shit. :wink:

I am in no position to answer diet questions

But to my point. Don't worry about your strength:weight. Just worry about getting stronger. Don't stress your ratios of lifts to each other. Just make sure you are getting stronger everywhere. Hit all muscle groups, and make sure you are getting stronger everywhere.


great progress, hope it continues!


arms and shoulders look great man!


You are a big 160, man.

Congrats on the life change. It's inspiring!


Great job! You're well on your way to a 1xBW OHP -- let us know when you hit it!


Great work


Just wanted to thank everyone who commented/replied.
Got my power rack set up and love it.
Next time I take some picks ill thrpw them out here!
Rock on T-Nation!