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Thank You , T-Mag!!!!

You have saved me in my training. After not being able to bech for years due to a rotator cuff problem i gave up on it and lifting in generall. My last time in the gym i was starting to feel the groove again and did the bench press and got 185 for 8 reps and the strenght was building back up but blew the shoulder again. I could not figure out what kept happening.

Fast forward to today. I learned here very valuable lessons that caused me to rethink and reformulate my strategy for lifting. I am using one of the great routines posted here and am having a blast again. Within 2 weeks of starting the routines outlined here i am repping
250lbs on the bench pain free but could not break 185 for 10 in the past due to my injury. I never thought my body would respond so well to a simple concept such as lower reps and never going to failure.

Thanks T-Mag.