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Thank You So Much Bwhitwell

Maybe this could be a thread, the future will tell.

I would like to give a big thank you to bwhitwell for a post he did recently on the subject: So How Does Your Body Really Feel?
Below is a copy of his post(please let me know if i should just have put the link to it, thanks).

“If I could go back 30 yrs ago with what I know now” I have trained consistently for 30+ years. I would have trained a lot differently than I did.

I would:

  1. I would follow Wendlers 531. Understanding that there is a philosophy that you can be strong enough and
    pushing it will not help your growth, but get you hurt.
  2. Assistance movements
    a. Always controlled.
    b. Always go for the “feel”.
    c. Use higher reps 10-15.
    d. Short rest periods.
    e. Never train to failure.
  3. Start shoulder rehab movements “shoulder horn,broomstick stretches, YTWL” before I needed them.
  4. Always do more rows than I think I need.
  5. Do not do movements that compromise my joints in any way, like guillotine press, Behing the neck" ____".
  6. No the difference between DOMS and injury.
  7. Never ignore “nagging” pains, they will turn into a chronic injury that WILL limit your training.
  8. Read and educate yourself, sources should be credible,ex. T-Nation authors. "

In my opinion it is worth more than reading a few books.