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Thank You, Sakurai

For doing what I’ve wanted to see for so long


Damn…can’t wait to see that fight

The bad blood between was no joke after all…lol.

YESSSS!!! I’ve been waiting to see his weak ass get KTFO! Sweet glorious sun shining day!

Watch Marius Zaromskis vs Seichi Ikemoto!

One of the best fights I ever saw.
Drama, surprise, colour, blood, korean hotties…

Just watch it, damn it.

Joachim Hansen already KO’d him, but that one was good too.

Hansen’s was good, but I was looking for complete annihilation

what fight is the clip from?

[quote]Therizza wrote:
what fight is the clip from?[/quote]

Dream 8, Sakurai v Aoki. In related news Torres has heart and guts to go with his crazy skill. Who could not like him?

Damn, that was sick.

Anybody know where I can watch all the Dream 8 fights online? I missed them cause I don’t have HDnet.

Does anybody know where I can watch all the Dream 8 fights online? … for free?


This is in Japanese. I don’t feel like searching for better.

brutal, whats with the Aoki hate Slimjim?

mostly from a grappling tourney where he lost and acted like a bitch after being all arrogant for most of it…the guy is great, but he (like many other great fighters I guess) suffers from a great amount of hubris.

and those pants…