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Thank You, Professor X!


His thread is awesome. To sum up what I've learned...
1. Get stronger
2. If you are not getting stronger then up the intensity.
3. If the intensity is high enough then eat more.
4. If you are too fat to eat more then diet down and then proceed to eat more :slight_smile:

If I just follow those 4 simple rules Ill be on my way.

Also to add, I have read so much shit on the internet it is no wonder I am only 5'6 170(I thought I was 5'7 but that was with shoes haha) now after 3 years of training. Im definately not small but damn I should be further along now if I would have blocked out all of the shit info out there and listened to people that have actually walked the walk rather than skinny internet gurus.

In case you were wondering my stats:

280 bench
420 squat (I thought it was higher but I fixed my form recently)
430 dead
These aren't bad numbers but I know many people who have far surpassed those numbers in 2 years time.
Im pissed because I wasted valuable time I wont get back but Im also glad I figured this out at 21 years of age rather than later in life. Im ready to make real progress now. It's time to start over. The progress won't be fast but small gains in strength and muscle over time will certainly add up.


cool thread.


Thanks lol it's just like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders when I finally realized how simple this is. All I got to do is follow those four rules :slightly_smiling:





hmm...your sarcasm meter must be broken. id have that checked out.


Ok? Honestly what was your intent in even posting then? I was giving thanks and praise to someone that has helped me out greatly. What were you doing?


whats your deal man? every time i read your posts i cant help but think this guy better be fuckin big...
quit being a dick.


Then post this perhaps in the thread that helped you instead of making a new thread.


aww did i hurt your feelings the other day? chin up, big guy.


First off... actionboy whats the deal and this applies to a couple other posters on this thread as well. Second of all, I know this was directed at actionboy but what does being big have ANYTHING to do with having character. This forum is becoming increasingly hostile for no reason. I mean did some of your guys momma never love you or something? I've seen pre schools that had a greater maturity level than this site and it's really pissing me off.

Besides I intended on this thread to also serve as a reminder of the basics and to never forget them. X's thread reminded me of that and it brought me back onto the correct path.

I'm logging off for good. Thanks to Proffesor X, Mighty Stu, DavidCox, and various others for helping me out.


While I appreciate the sentiment of the OP, I find it quite humorous that you're throwing you're toys and 'logging off for good'.

Too much LOL


aww now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside


the fuck happened in here?



once i started implementing profx's "shut the fuck up, eat, and lift heavy shit" strategy i started to grow.


He took his ball and went home. LOL


I'm confused...so a guy makes a thank you thread and you guys clown him for it? I don't really like these threads either...but mostly because it seems to drag out every hater on the planet.

I appreciate the thought of the thread and am glad if that other thread helped anyone.


Haterz gonna hate....such is the state of the interwebz