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Thank You Professor X


I just wanted to thank professor X for his help. I've read all of his 29 000 post and it has helped gaining 15 pound of muscle over the last 2 month

I did use many of your advices in my training. I had almost no results in a year, but thanks to your help, the last 4 months was fantastic

There is many many thing I learned from reading you as a beginner, and I'm pretty sure I'll save "years" and my progress will be much faster, thanks to you.

You rock


We should make a sub-forum for these.


I hope you realize, Prof, you can never leave this site. Hey, you should extort Biotest into hiring you and paying you an inflated salary... if they don't, you'll get 50% of their customers to walk!


Is this part of some mass effort to get X hired by Biotest?

Seems plenty of people just needed to learn to eat and put some effort into their training.

Edit: Well done on the added mass


I believe it is in response to the fuckwads in the other thread that bashed him for pages... (I'm still waiting for someone with appreciable size to agree.)

My favorite was the ultra long essay about how he is a hypocrite. One reason was he didn't have proof of the people he trained successfully. And now, people are coming out of the woodwork. Although the 6,000 threads may be a bit much...


When its OVER 9000!!!!! it'll be too much.


Another thread for the professor, eh? Nice. You got to admit, that if he'd ever write an article that'd be a gem to made sticky for all the newbies. Simple thoughts offering real progress. That's all that anyone needs.


Yup, right now trextacy is eating his own words :stuck_out_tongue:

Suppose most just took it as fact that he helps alot of people, trex nudged people into openly thanking him :slightly_smiling:


It's all good and I am glad anyone at all is thanking me. I usually get pms that I don't have time to respond to.

Anyway, thanks Jasmincar and keep it up.


I always thought it would be a good idea to do an interview with him like they did with Caveman. Doesn't have to be a full on 9 page blow out but a quarterly phone interview with a member would be easy to do and a good read. There are about 5 members off the top of my head that would make good candidates.


I mean no disrespect to the big boy by saying this but the problem with what you're saying is it the article would be about 3 lines long.

Go to the gym
Eat food, not crap

Sorry, i guess it would only be two lines long.

Point being, what he says isin't rocket science, he preaches actual hard work which is what 99% of people DON'T want to hear.


fuck that. give me his phone number. i'll talk to that big sumbitch ALL m'fing day!!


Exactly. People are looking for anything that will allow them to calculate or medicate their way to an above average build. They want to know the latest supplement or the latest routine. They want to feel super smart in the gym...even though no one cares what your IQ is there especially if you train and look like a little girl.

If most people were actually willing to work very hard or make sacrifices, there wouldn't be much of a need for most of the articles posted here.

People want a quick fix. That is why newbs jump around to a new routine every other week...as if that one week was supposed to have taken them from lanky to large.

I don't believe in shit like that. I don't care how many articles someone can quote, especially when their true educational level shows they really don't have much of a scientific background to even understand most studies in depth without someone telling them what to think.

The people who have ALWAYS made the most progress never needed to be the most eloquent or the guys who graduated top of their class. They simply understood how to work their ass off and give it everything they have. They don't sit there and claim "1-10 reps is for strength"...because that idea is bullshit to begin with as if no one can grow optimal muscle mass without going above ten reps.

What good would an article do? It would simply be ripped apart by the same crowd that rushed to type, "great article!!!!" after every one that is released even though not enough of them look built enough to justify their actions.

The people who know how to work hard don't need articles. They just need a little guidance...and they understand that most of that is best found IN THE DAMN GYM or at least with people who show progress.


I think people are trained young.. "brainwashed" to think like that. With mags having catchy articles entitled "Get HUGE and RIPPED in 4 weeks!" Hell... look at the title of Waterbury's latest article on the main page. Then they go to a modern "fitness center" with the cardio bunnies and like minded brainwashed people. X's artile would be funny and so opposite. "No your NOT going to be HUGE or RIPPED in 4 weeks Fool!" Ha ha... I like that title. Can you use that if you ever do decide to do an article or interview.


I wanna have prof X's baby!

Just kidding....I enjoy his posts...

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The sad thing is, with all the great info on this site its actually making hindering peoples progress. I went through a phase of jumping all over the programs here changing it up all the time, taking every single supplement ever produced and it frankly didn't give me any better gains then when i first started going to the gym with a couple of mates when we had 3 bench days, 2 arms days and thurs/ fri we would cut our work out short and walk straight over the road to happy hour.

knowing what your are doing is great, there are a few effective supps out there also but for 95% of the population poeple are making this shit far too complicated.

Hell, theres detailed micromanaged logs on this site of overweight guys who are barley losing weight but yet are massive supplement spenders and throw exciting words like "refeed", "cluster reps" and god knows what else to make themselves feel better. Go for a run and stop eating shit.....seriously.

I'm almost scared to read the utter nonsense thats going to be posted by people once "I, bodybullilder" is released (no disrespect to CT intended)


As would I, i'm not saying he doesn't have a lot of good info to share, i'm simply saying that you don't need a detailed article about his thoughts or read 25K of his posts to figure out his message.

Most of the bigger/ better physiques on this site are more or less identical in their approach and ironically take the least supplements. In fact theres quite a hilarious "inverse relationship" between supps taken and physique achieved (but thats another topic entirely)


Well I read Bauer's thread that was put in the "best of" along with the other must reads on members and I find it interesting. I know that it seems like they all preach similar things (I sense a pattern) but I find the stories interesting, how they figured things out or wrong turns, etc.

Like I said it wouldn't have to be Chaucer or anything. More like a 2 page bs session. Plus I just like the way he puts things. It's entertaining.

I also bet anything he's probably one of the nicest people if you ran into him in the gym. The biggest guys I've met usually are.


for those who don't get it...this post was only to join the ''thanks Prof X'' crowd.



The intentionally poor English usage made it pretty obvious it was a spoof. Odd it was taken so seriously.