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Thank You LA Seminar Presenters

…For your much appreciated generosity.

The LA Seminar was amazing enough just getting to hear the excellent presenters. However, the best part about the seminar, to me, was all the unselfishness and generosity displayed by some of the presenters during the week following the seminar.

John Berardi, Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson and Julia Ladewski all sent us copies of their power point presentations. After going over each presentation several times, I was able to “peer into the minds” of the presenters and that’s when the knowledge really sunk in. This polite gesture was just something that some of the presenters knew would help benefit the seminar attendees.

Dan “The Man” John didn’t need to send us his presentation because we received a written copy prior to his performance. Nevertheless, Danny graciously allowed an audio recording of his presentation to be posted here on T-Nation.

Great job guys (and Julia), I can’t thank you enough! If any of you t-nationers are on the fence about attending a seminar in the future, I highly recommend it, not only for the knowledge you will acquire, but also for the opportunity to meet your mentors. You will find them very courteous and caring.