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Thank You Jim, You Manly Alpha Son of a Bitch

I’ve been doing 5/3/1 for almost a year now, and I just wanted to say thank you Jim for the ‘no bullshit’ program. I’d tried so many different ‘get ripped’ ‘massive growth’ bullshit super set programs that it has been so refreshing to just Press, Deadlift, Bench and Squat. I’ve put on more muscle powerlifting without trying than when I tried to bodybuild, My 1RM’s have all gone up, some more than others, and my 5RM’s are so much more consistent.

I love lifting now, the technique, setting up, the feeling. It’s not a chore any more to work out, it’s a chore not to. I even managed to get a buddy of mine to train, who had never lifted before, and got him on 5/3/1. He can now bench 60kg for 5 and deadlift 90kg…when we started it was a struggle with the bar. Seeing someone else progress like that and fucking love it pushed me even harder.

I hit my first ever 200kg squat the other day with just a belt. Prior to 5/3/1 my best squat was 160kg with knee wraps and a belt.
Thanks for the honesty in regards to programing, and helping me scrap the stupid shit.

Previous 1RMs
Press - 65
Deadlift - 170
Bench - 110
Squat - 160

New 1RMs
Press - 80
deadlift - 195
Bench - 127.5
Squat - 200

Without 5/3/1 I’d probably still be stuck where I was doing machine supersets and wondering why I wasn’t getting any stronger. Lift heavy, run hills and eat. Fucking simple.

Your squat is damn impressive - all of your improvements are pretty damn good. Plus, it seems that you understand the total program isn’t just about sets/reps and “template”. That is good to see. I hope it carries over to simplifying your life and never being a victim.