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Thank you, G.I. Joe

  Something depressed me today. On weekends, I load furniture and freight boxes full of stuff for a second hand store, which is supplied by auctions. As I am walking from the truck, I see a blue sticker on the back of a truck that says "war with iraq?" "No!" there were two on the back of this truck. One was peeling off, and I considered ripping it off. I should have, and glued it to the bastards mirror. Anti-war protests are going on everywhere. Iraq has missiles they shouldn't, N. Korea has missiles that can reach 

California, and mister panty-waist peace freak is marching up and down the streets protesting. On the other side of the globe, G.I. Joe is sitting in a tower. This is overlooking a giant minefield, called the demilitarized zone. The one between N. and south korea. He is tired. He is lonely, and he is away from his family. He is clutching his m-16, gazing into the darkness, ready to fight to the death, to protect his country. The country that gives the rights of the panty-waist to march his march. A little further on, G.I. Joe is sitting in a sand foxhole. He is hot, he is tired, and he is scared. Any day now he could be giving march orders. But he is ready, and his .50 cal is loaded. He might could wake up dead, so that the panty waist peace boy can sleep safe at night. In the phillipines, soldiers are getting ready for war. Uncle Sam has rolled up his sleeves. He has found more terrorists, and he is fighting onwards. G.I. Joe is dropping out of a C-130 as we speak, rocketing towards the ground. They will fear to knock down another tower. Yet the protester doesn’t want G. I. Joe around. And he doesn’t look up to Uncle Sam. The Eagle, and The Flag don’t mean much to him either you know. He would rather see buildings burned, and innocents killed. But G.I. Joe shoulders a rifle for him. He shoulders a rifle for his family, for his negihbors,and for his Country which granted the panty-waist his rights.

I know this sounds like a rambling. But I wanted to state my thanks for this Countries Hero. I hope to God I have the guts to rip those stickers down next time.

Thank you
G. I. Joe!!!

Why would you want to rip down those stickers? Because the truck owner doesn’t want a war with Iraq?

What happened to freedom of speach? I thought everybody in the US had the right to express their opinions. Was I wrong?

Were you ever in the military? What was your MOS?

Tiree, while your support of our troops is commendable, I don’t think it’s fair to assume that everyone who is against war with Iraq is not also supporting our troops. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to avoid armed conflict with another country. I think the motives of most who take such a stance would very much like to avoid the casualities of both our soldiers and the innocents of the opposing country.

Are you serious?! I’m sorry, man, but pull your head out of your ass! Can’t you tell Tiree is simply feeling an emotional patriotism and simply felt like ripping off the sticker? He didn’t do it, did he? And even if he did, isn’t that expressing his freedom of speech?

I also want nothing more to do than to avoid casualties on both sides in a war with Iraq. But on one condition – that the murderous tyrant puke saddam exiles himself, and takes his equally murderous cronies with him.

I feel the exact same sentiments, bro. War with Saddam or not, too many people sit on their fat asses enjoying all that America has to offer, and yet seem to scorn the military – the very body that protects our rights and freedoms as Americans.

Men and women of the military – we love ya!