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Thank You for HP Mass


Started this two weeks ago, weight is up 8lbs - 183 to 191, with my mid-section/abs becoming MORE visible (note: I have been 220 before (soft), but cut down to 180)

The weights I am using for my pressing movements are beginning to feel like air, infact, on my last set of squats the other day I did 15 easy reps instead of the required 3, and it felt like a warm up set with 60kg (this was with 130 kg)

I must have gained an inch on my quads at least, shorts that were loose before are becoming tight now.

This hands down is the most rapid progress ive ever made.

I think ill be adding 10lbs to my upper body lifts on week 3 and 15lbs on my lower body lifts instead of the recommend 5lbs.

Its a shame I didn't take a before pic, i 'll start snapping some now so I can update this in a couple of months.


Grats on your results. HP Mass is definitely my second favorite method to follow; I may go back ot it during a mass phase but I'm not sure yet.


From what I've read,and the results people have gotten, this looks great. Any beginners try it yet? If so what were your before and after stats?


I had my 15 year old start on it with me back at the end of December in preparation for this coming football season. He had amazing results. It's too bad school kind of got in the way with his lifting schedule in April/May otherwise I'm pretty confident he would be benching 200lbs by now, he started with a 3RM of 90lbs in December. Amazing results, to be that young again and have this kind of knowledge.


how long would you say the workouts take?


The week 1 and 4 workouts are not long. When I was doing doing HP Mass I had a training partner and I'd say we'd wrap up our 1 and 4 sessions in an hour. We had a pretty significant strength difference so time wasted swapping plates. Weeks 2 and 5 get a little more longer and then weeks 3 and 6 run right at two hours, at least the upper body days seem to. The Lower Body days weren't as long.


Yeah, that's about right for time. I do work in between all of my pressing sets (rows, pull ups, ab work) to help reduce the time but they are still fairly long sessions. I can knock out my longest sessions in about 90 minutes or a bit less. It's hard because you're doing high volume for two big pressing moves so you might need to modify it if that takes too long for you. I've changed my overhead press day to include dips instead of bench and that helps out.

I agree with the success of the program. I'm on my 5th cycle now and have seen all of my lifts increase and I feel fantastic.



Week 3 session today took me 2 hrs 40 minutes

Although I did do a upper back/trap movement after every single pressing set (so 112 sets total)... Other than doing less of those I'm not sure how to cut down on the time, it just felt like a massive rest-pause set the entire workout, I'm exhausted.

Not to mention that my callouses are downright disgusting right now, lol.


I cut down the volume on my secondary pressing movement in order to shave off time. So I'll focus on one lift and make sure I do that according to the program as laid out but will reduce the volume on my second pressing.

So let's say I'm focusing on back squats one day and my deadlift the next. I'll do all of my back squat sets and reps but then I'll do maybe 5 sets of front squats. Same for upper body. On my overhead day I'll do OHP then I'll do dips as my secondary pressing. On bench I'll warm up with overhead then go to bench.

I also do a lot of sled work and count that towards my lower body pressing. I simply don't have three hours to hit the gym at one time but I can reduce some gym volume and make up for it elsewhere.

I'm surprised that more people aren't doing HP Mass as it's a fantastic program.



You know, if it weren't for CT's Superhero Complex's I probably would still be doing HP Mass.


Any tips on getting this program to work? I tried it a while ago but I got weaker and got some joint pains. I wasn't eating to gain though so that may have reduced my recovery somewhat.


Check your diet and make sure you're eating enough. You can do this program and eat to maintain or even lose. Other than that, follow the program as written. Early on for Upper Body day you may digress because of the Shoulder Press -> Bench Press order but it will get better.


Why have I never heard of this program?

Someone send me a lazy link :slightly_smiling:


Congrats btw, always good to here a fellow brother of iron making gains.


Just go under articles, authors, and select Christian.


Oh, HP mass is great. I loved it and happened to be making pretty good gains until I got a new training partner and decided to use his workout and lose all of the gains I made. However, on the plus side, when he finally quit I went back to "I, Bodybuilder" and am a tad bit addicted to it now.


Been here for a while.....
I'm sure i know how to search.....
I eventually searched it and found the article, hahaha
slick read, i like it


It is definitely a good read. Even if you dont follow the program you can still apply his Neural Ramping to just about anything.


^^^ Wise Words


Hp Mass........ Just finished today with the second 6 weeks with one week off in between after retesting my max's. I can't wait until Sunday to retest my maxes again. I'm 5'11" and when I tested my maxes for the first go round, I was 189. Push press- 185, Incline- 230, Bench- 240, Squat- 245 (I used to never train legs but this workout forces you to), Deadlift (double overhand, no straps) 310. The second 6 weeks, I weighed in at 180 the day of doing my maxes, and they were===push press- 220, Inline- 240, and bench- 265, squat- 285, deadlift (double overhand) 345. All were 3 rep maxes and today I weighed 184.5. At first, yes there was some discomfort in the shoulders from all the pressing but after week 2 that went away and for the first time I have ZERO pain in lower back or shoulders even with all the volume! This workout is absolutley amazing. I want to try out the star complexes now, but I'm curious as to see what other gains there are to be made off of this workout running another six weeks.


try to combine Hpmass whit complex and you will love it more