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Thank You (for Beyond 1.1 - 1.4)


Hello Jim.

I just finished all Beyond training cycles which you written at T-Nation. Before I get on Beyond 1.1 I was making so much changes which was taking me to nowhere. You know what I mean, overthinking about templates, assistances and all this bullshit. After first 4 weeks of Beyond focusing on main lifts I finally start breaking my PR's. Next phases makes me feel like a shit sometimes, especially 1.3 but it also made me stronger. Next PR's on rep work and one RM at Jokers.

Now I'm mentally and physically stronger. I don't have to overthinking every fucking step, just focusing on basics and take assistances which I really need.

I'm going to take week of deload and then I'll start simple template - The Triumvirate and I'll do it as you written in book because I know it's the best way to do.

Thank you.