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I was in a semi-bad motorcycle accident last night, long story short, my right leg got stuck under the bike.

Since I always carry a pocket knife in my right pocket, I had 600 pounds of pressure pushing what amounted to a chunk of aluminium into my hip.

I had to walk home (joy!) and the first thing I did was take 6 FLAMEOUT, because my job has to do with standing/walking all day I can't miss work.

I also took a cup I use for Ice Massage (Another tip off this site) and started on my hip.

I just woke up....the result?! Almsot NO brusing (Slight discoloration)and minimal swelling!!

I'll be taking 6 FLAMEOUT a day, split 3 in the morning and 3 six hours later for a while.

I am so glad I ordered the first night it was released instead of waiting for my next paycheck lke I usually do!



Ummmm normally after an automobile collision you go with the paramedics... I don't think bodybuilding supplements are supposed to deal with these kinds of problems. Glad it helped though!


Now to find out if this product really worked, go replicate the accident and don't take FLAMEOUT afterwards.


Semi-Bad accident, yet walks home.

Semi-Bad accident, doesnt seek medical help.

Semi-Bad accident, first order of priority is to take some fish oil.





Glad you are OK.

Don't let this thread turn into a FLAMEJOB.


Yup! Only one way to make sure its not anecdotal.


lol, this has to be a joke.


Uh, I sincerely doubt that FLAMEOUT helped you here...



Ok, here's the deal, every accident with a motorcycle is painfull. When something that heavy falls on your leg..it hurts a little.

That being said, I fell near my apartment (Less than a mile away) and it's not the first time i've fallen when the ground was wet, in fact, it's the third. quote this area to make a "You suck at riding joke"

Now, usually, the next day my knee or my hip is so swollen and painfull I can't walk. This time, it wasn't.

Now for everyone who said "Why didn't you call the paramedics". Well, my meager benefits are set up where if I need the emergency room/911 its $1000, yes, it lasts for the whole year, but I don't have 1000$ in my bank. I knew I didnt break anything and I had my helmet on and didn't really hit my head so I wasnt worried about head injuries.

I was just simply thanking the makers of what saved me a lot of pain, I belive if I hadn't been taking FLAMEOUT I would be a lot more pain than I am now.


You suck at riding!Happy?


On a serious note,we're just ribbin ya.I'm sure we're all glad your okay!


Glad you are ok. FLAMEOUT's a great product but I don't think it really did too much here. I've had some pretty bad injuries while taking a lot of fish oil. You got a lucky break. On the other hand, maybe if we take enough FLAMEOUT we can walk through walls impervious to pain...


Why wouldn't a high-potency DHA supplement lessen the effects of trauma such as this?

Inflammation is inflammation, it doesn't matter how it's inflicted.


So you are saying that FLAMEOUT is the reason he was fine the next morning? If you want to believe that knock yourself out but it would be quite a stretch to say the least.


What I said was pretty clear. Is there a word that you don't understand?

Obviously, FLAMEOUT didn't prevent broken bones or anything of the sort. But it is very possible that it did lessen inflammation associated with the trauma he suffered.

How is this a "stretch?"


Sorry, guys; I think you're mistaken here. All the research I've read has noted that the effects of EPA and DHA take quite a bit of time to kick in. It's a matter of integrating these fatty acids into your body's cell membranes, and it doesn't happen on a large scale overnight.

It's a great supplement, no doubt, but really not applicable to this situation.


LOL! At last, some sense has been brought to the thread. I can't believe someone actually thought that taking 6g of a fatty acid supp would somehow stop bruising and inflammation overnight. People are always keen to add to the supplement hype here which is fair enough, but this has stepped it up to a whole new level.


He's been taking it since it's been released, wouldn't that make his body, and anyones body for that matter more resistant to inflammation of any kind?


Somehow I knew this was a plug-in.