Thank You, Dave Tate!!!

well, and everybody here.

I started a modified cycle Of Tate’s My Greatest Gains Ever: Dave Tate.
Due to some time constraints, and a curiosity concerning recovery time and growth, partner and I split the program into Chest/Tris, Legs/Should, Back/Bi’s split along Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri.
Anyway, today I was able to reap the rewards!

Sun, Mar 2 - Chest/tris
Flat bench bell press: was using 80’s and 40’s. Today 90’s, 45’s.
Hi Cable crossovers: was 70 and 35. Today 80, 40.

NoseBreakers: was 75, 30. Today 85, 45.
CgBp (smith): was 100, 50. Today 120, 60.

Conditioners: 10…5…1 alt w partner. varieties of pushups, squats, pullups.

What was so amazing (to me) was these weights were 10 to 20 lbs over last cycle, and absolutely no assist needed, no longass negative. They just went, and the pump was unreal.

So, thanks again to TNation!