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Thank You CT and T-Nation!


i want to tell 100,000,000 thanks to CT and all the T-Nation team. You helped me alot with that show!

thanks on all advice, the help the fact that you actully read my English :slight_smile:

you guys helped me alot, and you are the best site in the web.

keep with the amazing work
from mr israel 2005
amit sapir


Congrats Mr. Israel! :smiley:


hey amit,

are you the blond PTrainer who used to work at Everybody in Tel Aviv?

if you are, i'm Fred (the french dude you ran intervals with) if you can remember.

anyway, glad you won!


Gratz on making it!

How's it feel to be called Mr. Israel?


Congratulations and Great Job!! Do you have any pics of the show?




Nice job Amir, now we just need some pics.

And your English is still much better than my Israeli, so good job on that too.


That's great - congrats!

So now that you've kicked some ass, any new plans/goals?


LOL at isreali.


Here are some shots. I had to make some ligthing adjustments as it was way too dark.


2 days out ... completely carb depleted




Day after ...

One thing you should also know is that Amit is also his nation olympic lifting champion in the 69kg class.


Wow. Very impressive! Great job Amit.