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Thank You Coach

Dear Mr CT;

Sir we’ve not interacted on this site before, but I wanted to let you know I find your articles very helpful. I’ve learned a lot from you and nobody can beat the price here!

Honestly, when I search articles, I start by sorting to ones you’ve written.

I’ve no question for this topic, so my apologies if it’s the wrong place.

Of course if u want to check my current workouts they’re posted in the Over35 Forum under “Fat Old Man Shrinking.” However, I choose workout stuff a la carte because I can’t stick to a “program” for more than a few weeks. I like to tinker. According to your neurotype article I’m thinking I’m a type 2 but can’t be sure. No matter, it’s interesting regardless.

So, thanks again for everything you put into this site!


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Indeed. If I could only give one newbie one author to read it would be CT. If I had to pick one author to read about lifting for eternity it would be him.

He’s the best at what he does and his library of work on here is amazing

First time poster,

I would like to jump in on the appreciation for CT. I also look out for the articles you’ve written. Always informative, logical with tried, tested reasoning behind it. You are a great inspiration, I have much respect for you and your work.

Thank you again,
much love from down under!


Thanks guys. I do this strictly for the fun of sharing the things I learn. I genuinely enjoy helping people out. So thank you for your comments.

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Hey Coach,

Thank you for me! I’ve posted a few times in your section and you’ve found out time to assist me. Also, your articles are interesting and i am constantly learning new things.

Please, keep up the amazing work.