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Thank You Biotest


I thought the best supplements died with the ban on pro-hormones and ehpedra.Then comes the new HOT-ROX Extreme, Alpha Male, Flameout,the kinda new super protein Metabolic Drive and Anaconda and the Greens supplement on the way.I can even get cheap but good quality protein and creatine from you now.

I haven't been this excited about Biotest products since 01,when we had T-2, MD6, MAG-10 and 4-AD-EC.I promise you in 2 weeks,I'll be handing most of my next paycheck over to you guys.Keep up the great work.


Or you could spend your next paycheck on beer and hookers.

Your call, man.


Or take out a loan and get it all...


Been there,done that.Thats why I didn't last but 6 months living in Vegas.Thats why I'm hanging my hat in Tennessee.


And all your ex's live in Texas... :wink: