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Thank God For Women


Power equates to manhood and power is good. Manhood is good.(Read this in a TC article somewhere.) Being the master of our environments is good. Being the master of your own mind is even better, but I regress.

What men want is a world of order. A world defined in our own images and the images of other men. A world that makes sense to us and is good to all. We want every person to be happy, healthy and fulfilled. Men want the best of things for everyone.

United States diplomatic history has been driven primarily by one thing. One absolutely controlling thing that no man or woman has any understanding about. It is the same thing that drove Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Sam Adams and McArthur. The very thing that drove man west of the Mississippi and to the moon. It drove Manifest Destiny and the Containment Policy. A product of the good Lord himself.

Testosterone. Yep good old T-levels have ruled our diplomatic decisions for as long as man has been around. T-levels make man strong. They build muscle and drive action. Tackling a wild boar or fighting off a cougar is hard to do without it. Being assertive, aggressive, and manipulative is easier with it. Herein lies the rub. Men need testosterone to be strong hunter gathers, to be protectors and explorers. Yet it clouds our decisions of relative matters. Matters of consequence. Matters of reason.

I try to make an effort to understand the feelings of people in my life. Not so much the thought process or the ordering of priorities but the underlying drivers in decisions that they make and I can?t help but see T-levels drive men. Bigger, better, faster, meaner, tougher, that is who we are. We are who we are. We drive hard because we must. We conquer because we can.

Thank God for women.


Are you gay mate? No, only joking, but how many men even with high T would be able to fight off a Cougar anyway??


Bullshit!! Does this mean that all the powerful women in the world have dicks?

Or do powerful women just scare the shit out of you so you have to state that being powerful means being manly to try and overcome your fear?



You are obviously not married. If you think T clouds reason, you should see E.

If women ruled the world we would not have had 2 major world wars. But we would have had random bombings every 28 days.




Another example of psychos on the internet. I think Im going to find all these men on this site just to tell them that they are psychotic.

.....Someone has to do it. :wink: :wink:

ah well, nobody probly looking at this anymore. Oh well. But Im so bored.


That's awesome because I was thinking the same.


power does equate to manhood


But there would be a shoe store on every corner! What a wonderful world that would be!


I have trouble being thankful for a group of people that have consistenly shunned me. But they are pretty to look at.


They certainly are pretty to look but they will break your heart.

Sometimes I think gay guys are smarter than us.


fuck that ... there's nothin like a whisker biscuit.


...says the 15 year old boy.




.....that got kicked out of school.


Isn't getting kicked out of school "Manly" in itself?

Some people confuse manhood and stupidity.


It must take a huge set of cajones to look at anther guy and say "I am going to make him my bitch.".

Not that theres anything....{standard disclaimer}...


I fail to see the connection.


that goes both ways if you couldnt tell.


I can never tell what women are thinking. That is the root of the problem!