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THANK GOD for Sean Penn

To think I almost read the entire paper today without seeing something completely ridiculous - but then there it was. Sean Penn visited Iraq to speak out against his country.

Maybe he should read the dossier that British intelligence put together on Saddam and his government which details their torture methods and the Titles that they bestow upon soldiers in their army which include “Professional Rapist” along with General and Captain.

ASSHOLE. He should stay in Iraq and fight for what he believes in.

He ought to hook up with that murdering traitor Jane Fonda.

I do have some issues with someone with Sean Penn’s means living in a country and denouncing it. He should just move. Though it seems clear from “our” media sources that horrible things do, indeed, go on in Iraq, is the United States really that blameless currently? (A resounding “hell no” for the past - think Native Americans, slavery, etc.)

I absolutely do not mean to imply that we’re perfect…we’re just more gooder than Saddam.

As far as Sean Penn is concerned, he’s apparently mistaken his money and fame for brains.

Yeah, Jared has a good point. We are not blameless. America is not perfect and has some bad things in the PAST. So, let’s just say “Fuck it!” Let Saddam murder, rape and brutalize his people while developing weapons of mass destruction to use against us and our allies. Who are we to say anything to him? Dead Americans did similar bad things to dead slaves and dead natives, so Saddam should get a free pass. What kind of dip-shit thinking is that? Liberal Public Education Brainwashed Dip Shit Thinking, that what kind!

When did I say we shouldn’t spank Saddam? The original post was lambasting Sean Penn for speaking out against his country. Maybe Penn has a point that the US is mishandling things. Maybe he’s a friggin airhead. (I vote for #2). I was just saying that it could be possible that there are things to speak out against our country for, as we have committed grievous errors in the past.

First, you said, “[I]is the United States really that blameless currently?” CURRENTLY. Then, you brought up slavery and natives. WTF do they have to do with “currently”? Do you know what that word means? You also implied that since we are not blameless, who they heck are we to denounce anything Saddam does. Basically, “Yeah Saddam does some bad shit (according to OUR media), but we ain’t so good either.”

He’s such an idiot.

I asked if we were blameless now, and said that we definitely weren’t in the past, IMPLYING that we may not be now. I sincerely apologize for not clearly spelling everything out. I must consider my audience.

Just write clearer. Probably dropping the Subway vegie sub while typing would be a good thing, too! :-)~

I think I should change my name to “Jared (not the androgenous fatty from Subway)”.

Any American citizen who feels like exercising his right to criticize the govt. should do it on American soil. Doing it from an enemy country puts him over the line in my book.

Speaking out against this country while in this country is called “Free Speach” and is a constitutional right. Speaking out against this country while in another country is “Treason” whether we are war against that country or not!

Hiter Scott, you and I are of one mind. Aren’t you tired of people who make ridiculous statements? All right, Jared, now what would you do with Iraq? I expect more than for you to regurgitate the democratic mantra of “If pour money on a problem, it will go away.” Or, “If you ignore it, it will go away.” Or, “It doesn’t feel right, so we won’t do it now.” I want specifics.
Please reference my posts in the Demonstrations thread to understand my feelings and my plan. I’ll summarize: We must deal with saddam and any other dictator who willingly harbor terrorists. One terrorist is all it takes for you to be forcibly removed from power. It would be hard for terrorists to organize if they were continuously on the run. If we deal with saddam effectively, we can send a clear message to other scum.
Simplistic thinking? Yes. Direct? Yes. Effective? Yes. Remember that not all persons (aka: brutal dictators) are responsive and willing to change. They understand overwhelming force. They appreciate courage. There are hundreds of examples both handled correctly and incorrectly.
By the way, I support your right to make outrageous associations. But, I also support your right to think through an issue and come to an informed conclusion. Connect the dots. Use history as a guide. An example would be: If we didn’t bottle up saddam, he would continue to build up a massive arsenal. He would continue on his quest to dominate the Middle East. Then he would lash out at the people who had humbled him in 1991. He would lash out with terrorists and weapons of mass destruction. He would use oil for political gain (eg. early this year when he stopped production to try to sway public opinion regarding Palestine) Then, jared could be one of his targets. Imagine them in jaredtown. It makes your references to our errors in the past sort of meaningless, doesn’t it? I’m looking forward to your well-reasoned response.

What did Sean Penn speak out against about the United States? I think that should be the issue. If he spoke out against us actually preventing Saddam from doing all the things that Saddam is famous for, then I can’t completely agree with what he did. All the original post said was that Penn spoke out against our country. All I said is that maybe we are doing some shitty things. Did I say one of them was ousting Saddam? Did I say that I didn’t want carpet bombing of the whole region? Nope. I did say that if Penn truly feels that way then he should move somewhere (considering his means) where he feels more comfortable with the way things are done. I never once said what I personally believe about the situation, other than offering the possibility that our wonderful nation could be mishandling things or possibly doing things for the wrong motivations.

you guys see the south park episode with “jared” on it.rotflmao. he wanted to give every one aids.

I have yet to meet one person that has actually listened to these morons when they do something like this. Their involvement always has the opposite effect. What a pretentious asshole.

I wonder if the Testosterone Inquisitor has anything to say about this.