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Thank God For Elbow-Tucking

Recently, I have noticed my bench is getting quite stale. Deciding to try something new, I implemented the elbows-tucked method of benching. Previous to trying this, when I would get fatigued I would never be able to get the weight off my chest. I could never get the right angle to get it off my chest, it seemed. Now that I have learned to tuck my elbows, I feel as though I can apply more force to the bar and the weight comes up so easy. Even when I feel tired, the weight still comes up. I love it. Just wanted to share my jubilation.

Funny, I just learned how to do this recently too, and not only did it make pushing the weight a little easier, it also made me bench from the chest and not so close to my neck like I used to.

After reading the Shoulder Savers article, I decided to tuck my elbows during my bench work this week. I don’t know if it’s b/c the movement was new to me or if I was pressing at an incorrect arc, but I couldn’t bench nearly as much weight as I could “bodybuilder” style.

Where on your chest do you bring the bar down? Middle of your pec, below, etc? Where does the bar end up at the top of the movement?

Edit: Disregard. I just read Dave Tate’s article on benching. It explains everything. I just need to get used to the movement.

I bring the bar down to middle/below region of the pec. Then I press it back up to the normal position.

tucking the elbows in allows you to activate the lats when lifting… allowing for a more efficient lift. and by efficient i mean stronger !