Thank God for Androsol

Just a thought I would warn anyone out there taking any topical Prohormones other than Androsol. A product I saw in the store really frightened me. Please read the following label and suggested use of Testroxin Gel by a really bad company. I know what I had to say when I read that label in the store, but I figured while warning the masses I would enjoy letting the T-Dawgs gut it like a fish. So here it is…

Suggested Use: Squeeze a pea size amount into hand. Rub into a hairless area at least one lhour prior to activity. Do not exceed more than one application in 24 hours. Do not use for more than 14 days continuously.
Ingredients: SD alcohol, deionizsed water, sodium acrylate/soduim acryloyldimethyl taurate, isohexadecane, polysorbate 80, androstenedione, progesterone, phenoxyethanol, di-indolemethane, grapefruit seed extract, liposomes, chrysin.

They actually put PROGESTERONE in the stuff!!! And listed it,Hahaha! Now that is funny.

What is this product for? It looks like a good menopausal supplement.

Oh my goodness! I feel bad for anyone who is naive enough to take that stuff.

The claims were that of every other mass marketed prohormone. Bigger Muscle, increased libido, you know.

I have seen this one before. This product has more preservatives than andro and the progesterone is listed right behind andro on the ingrediaents, which usually means that it is the next biggest ingrediaent percentage wise. “Rub a pea sized amount” ?? Yeah that’il work. This product would be good though…to rub on you raw asshole after getting butt-raped paying $60 dollars buying it. Might make a good hand cream for a group of post-menopausal soccer moms. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah I forgot…I give this product only one shrivled, hairless, midget nut sack with one atrophied testicle. Ruthless, maybe, but they put progesterone in it and are trying to sell it to men, They should be punished.