Thailand Steroid Cycle

I’ve been in Pattaya, Thailand for a while and did a test only cycle a while back.

I’m about to head home to North America very soon, so there’s no time for another cycle.

AAS and PCT stuff is pretty easy to get down here, even with it being so well known now. The hardcore gyms are packed with Europeans who are here for the gear.

Anyways, for those that have done the Pattaya short AAS cycle (4-6 weeks), and then fly home just as they are starting PCT, I’ve got a question:

How do you get the PCT stuff?

Logically, I’d have to buy the stuff in Thailand and bring it home …or I’d have to buy the stuff back in North America.

For those in the know, in early 2008, what is the safer approach…

Research Chem comapanies :wink:

I love Pattaya and Krabi.