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Thailand Run from US


Hi guys. Here's a hypothetical situation. (wink)

What, if anything, is logistically wrong with the following scenario?

I travel to Pattaya, Thailand for 30 days of wild drunken debauchery, (as I have many times before), getting issued a 30 day tourist visa at the airport.

After arriving, I go to local gyms and talk to the muscle men, finding out which gear is good and which is fake and which pharmacies have what I'm looking for, writing down the brand names and the real names of the gear.

I go to Pattaya International Hospital and ask to see a doctor about Low T, (I'm 46 and have done several cycles in the past). I explain to the doctor that I know I can buy gear here in Thailand, but I need scripts to carry it back home with me. Get blood test if necessary. (I had something wrong with my throat in Pattaya years ago and got antibiotics and a full blood work up for less than 20 bucks out of my pocket). Ask for a script or scripts for a year's worth of gear, (even though the US only OKs 90 days worth of prescription carry-back). Regardless of how much script you get, buy a year's worth of gear, post cycle meds, Ox, D-bol, etc.

Take scripts and get a couple of photocopies of them before turning them in to pharma.

Go buy gear.

After 30 days in Sodom and Gomorrah, when leaving, put all of the gear in my check baggage, along with a photocopy of the scripts and write on the paper, prescription medication, for personal use only. Since juice is legal in Thailand, they won't flip out when x-raying check baggage and putting a security band on my bag just before I check it in at the ticket counter.

Fly to Hawaii, (no airline switches, check baggage all the way to destination, Hawaii).

Arrange to stay a day or two in Hawaii. (I'll want to rest after flying a ridiculous amount of time anyway). When arriving in HI, go to Immigration, then Customs with carry on, say nothing. Then go to baggage carousel and get check baggage (one bag) with security band still intact and head for the door. Take cab to hotel.

After checking in, bag up gear and head for the post office or Fed Ex. Mail box of gear home, priority level, and make bets as to which gets there first, you or the gear.


This sounds ridiculously complicated to me..go for it if you can pull it off.


Sounds like we got a new story for Locked Up Abroad


If you aren't going to declare to the Customs officials, then why in the hell would you go to all the trouble of getting a valid script, separting your meds out, etc.? If you don't declare, you are breaking the law. The only reason I could see for doing it this way is having the ace card in your back pocket of "oh im sorry office, id idnt know i had to report, but as you can see, all the paperwork is intact and the meds are for my own personal legitimate use".

This is applicable to you:


You are only allowed to import 50 dosage units of your meds in your case (not sure where the 90 day's you mentioned in your post came from). Though if your "prescribed dosage" is something like, say, 250 mg every two weeks, that will set you up to carry quite a nice bit of gear.

I'm also unclear if this section of code applies to customs on non-land borders (i've seen it described as applicable only to land borders on other websites, but the link doesn't seem to distinguish that).

Truthfully, I probably wouldn't have the balls to try this but report back, I'd be interested to see how it goes for you.


lol love that show!