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Long story short ive got a job in thailand in the isaan region and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the

  • thai diet in general
  • what are some good physique foods i could expect to find
  • and any othr potentially relevant info

Any help would be much appreciated


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Don't pull a "Zyzz".


So ill have my work cut out working off all those carbs then i guess! What meats are about in that kind of area? Is there a lot of fermented foods?


I found that a lot of their dishes have the rice in a separate bowl from the meat/vegetables, which is great if you're watching carbs.


Congrats! My family is from the region, so I'll try to give you some answers

There is the typical Thai fare, Pad Thai, Lad Na, Pad See Ew. But in the Issan they eat a lot of papaya salad (som tam), grilled chicken, and sticky rice. You can avoid carbs, but it's going to be pretty difficult because rice usually comes with everything.

Larb (meat salad) is good, maybe trace carbs from the toasted rice but it's just meat with herbs. They will make it with most types of meat (beef, duck, fish) so you have variety. Grilled chicken is the most popular thing, so that is an option.


My canned tuna is apparently wild caught in Thailand.....


Thank you for chiming in, im not really carbafobic just couldnt handle it at every meal! Is it easy to get hold of a variety of different meats or is it pretty standard chicken and beef?


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Also they have great spices for chicken too.

Tom Yam is a damn nice soup that you have to get used to. Spicy as hell but very nice.

Food is relatively cheap and so is hired help if you need help with food prep (or basically doing stuff so you can focus on work, gym and play).

Massages tip top.

Thailand is amazing, definitely go experience it.


Aaaaw. Now I want to go there again.


Never been myself but I like the sound of getting a massage everyday!
What are the gyms like?
Whats the price of accommodation... and beer?


i`m planning a new trip do thailand this december.

Haven`t been there since 2005, i sure miss it.