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Thailand in a Couple Weeks

Heading to Thailand for a 4 month vacation! woohoo

Here is my cycle if anybody has comments. It is my first cycle other than test only.

Weeks 1-12
400mg test cyp (200x2)
400mg EQ (200x2)
1mg adex (.25eod)
750 iu HCG (250x3)

pretty simple!

No PCT is given because I plan to return to my normal TRT when done cycle (150mg/wk cyp + 500iu HCG /wk)


I am planning a Test cyp and Eq cycle for the whole 12 weeks. Right now starting to ramp up the test to 400/week. Already started adex .25 eod. If I can get good quality eq, plan 400mg/wk. No post cycle planned because I will be back on normal TRT when done.

Thai pharma is good shit man. Cheap, completely no pip.