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Thailand goodies!

I have a friend who is going to Thailand, and he has agreed to buy me some juice and mail it to me! So, I am compiling a list of things for him to buy, probably enough for 2 cycles. Any advice on what I should ask him to buy?

One thing to keep in mind here is that US Customs is being quite vigilant these days with regards to inspecting mail from Thailand. The chances of your package going through are not so good, or might even be zero. I don’t know if they have 100% inspection from Thailand, but I do know it is high.

I would go with brithish dispensary’s d-bol. I got a hold of 600 pink tabs. These tabs are the $#2@.JOEL

Just piece of advice from the “getting the gear” article, mail small inconspicuous packages(important mail several so maybe some will get through) Thai anabol is always fun to play with along with the family size pack of primibolan.

Is British dispensary the name of a pharmacy or is it a brand name?
I will put the advice on mailings to good use: several small, inconspicuos pkgs as oppsed to 1 big pkg.
JOEL and FOX: Any idea on what the prices were/are for the gear? Do you remember?
I’m trying to figure out how much money to give my friend.


I have a relative who lives in Indonesia. Do you think i can get some roids down there? I am not going to use it right now since i am only 22. Just curious.

JJ, here are some ballpark prices for gear:

Anabol $45/tub
Deca 100mg $3
Testoviron Depot 250 $3-5
Anadrol(Androlic) $70/100
Winny tabs 200 x 5mg $30
Primo, Winny amps are more expensive as are clomid, HCG etc.

Hope this helps, like I said rough figures