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Thailand and Gear?


hi.. so first post, just rego'd been reading a bit.

i've heard gear is legal in thailand, i have also heard there's a lot of fake gear over there.. anyone got any advice for someone heading over? i'm a chick and i've never cycled so only really chasing anavar at this point.


There've been some good threads on AAS for women in this forum, but I can't off the top of my head recall the titles. If you Google "AAS" and "women" within this site, you should get some useful results. Hope that helps.


done a lot of research bout gear for myself and from what i know and advice i've recieved anavar is going to be my first port of call because i'm not ready to pin myself and i'm def scared of virilising sides.

interested in how hard it is to find gear and how to know if it's legit in thailand..



To find it is easy 2/3 pharm in tourist Area carry it.

But, I would say it is fifty fifty on fake or not and as a newbie to Thailand you most likely will get fakes.

However, if you got the time and energy find the local expat gyms! there is a good one in Pattaya ....Don't remember the name. But ask around you will find one. Then go there lift a day or two an ask the owner. He/she will point you to the legit Pharm and even give you the low down on price.