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Thai Pads Question

I’m going to be buying pads for throwing combinations of punches, elbows, knees, and kicks, I saw new Thai mitts in the new Ringside catalog and wanted to know if anybody with experience would buy them for that type of use. They were described as the ultimate mma pad.

I called Ringside and they said the dimensions were 12.5 x 7.5 x 2.5. They are smaller than traditional thai pads.

The average size for most pads are 16 x 8 x 4.

Get the standard pads. Don’t get the smaller ones. Get some Twins or Fairtex.

If you value your forearms then get the standard pads. Taking a kick on anything smaller will most likely put you out of action.

Personally like the big bricks, even with traditional muay thai pads there are 2 sizes, I would use the larger.

They are fun for partner conditioning drills too, trying to hold up the 5lb pads for someone else to hit after throwing a hundred punches as fast and hard as you can,

also they are much more forgiving for clinch/knee drills.

Check out the thai pads at kofightgear.com. The guy who runs the site has excellent customer service, quality products and it’s a lot cheaper than other places.

No I’m not trolling, but I bought some boxing gloves from there and they’re phenomenal and I’ve head the same about the rest of their stuff.

Stop trying to save money on gear.

Most retarded thing people do.

Get a custom mouth piece, too.

Not trying to save money on gear, i already own gloves and headgear by rival. I tried to order the twins thai pads in the extra large size but they are on backorder until middle of december. Thinking about going for windy or fairtex, definitely not going to buy the above mentioned smaller pads.

Thanks for the replies

In all seriousness, don’t buy the most expensive pair but you should be buying the highest quality pair without concern as to the price.

Get a well known brand’s highest quality line, seriously don’t fuck around and you’ll get a pair of thaipads that will last you like 5+ years if you used them DAILY. Much less the time you take off.

Twins, Fairtex, Windy.

I prefer medium size, I think XL are a bit too bulky unless your using them for a heavyweight. Some of the best brands would be Twins, Kaewsamrit and Boon.

[quote]JonnyTMT wrote:
I prefer medium size, I think XL are a bit too bulky unless your using them for a heavyweight. Some of the best brands would be Twins, Kaewsamrit and Boon.[/quote]

I have thunder, I know it isn’t the best brand, but I am bigger and they are big, thick, have the good locking strap, and were very resonably priced.

A couple of the guys I train with got them after they saw mine. But they are all over 200 pounds too.

They are extra thick and it was about $80 for the pair. Plus they are Bas rutten’s line, to me that is a plus.

Gloves,pads, mouth guards, head gear, etc is something you don’t want to go cheap on. The cost to value of these items is well worth for the long run. I still have my gear which I purchased 3 years ago.

Now if buying sprawl shorts and things like that, you can defiantly go to walmart and buy a $15 pair of board shorts and cheapo under armor shirts. TTT