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Thai Dbol Dosage

What does anybody recommend for dosaging 15 mg a day of dbol? I am planning on 5, 5 and 5. Once in the morning, one pre workout and one post workout. This has been sufficent in the past, but maybe someones gotten better results otherwise.

What else are you taking it with?
What are your stats?
What are your goals?

15 mgs is a very small dose and I doubt would not do much at all

holy crap, that was an unexpected answer.

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so first of all. my first cycle conisted of 230 tabs of d bol for 8 weeks. I gained 11 lbs and lost 13. I started like you and ended doing a d-bol only cycle. Personally I got depressed post cycle as I was accustomed to see myself in the mirror 11 pound heavier. so if youre even considering a d-bol obly cycle, these are the words to remember dianabol-only cycle=fast gains during cycle,ultra fast losses post cycle. and yeah I had included nolvadex PCT.

I am assuming you are considering using d-bol more as a supplement (to allow for fater recovery) rather than primarily to gain muscle AND keep the muscle (in which case consider on planning a proper cycle with injectables).

…hmmm… take 10mg 1 hr before training and an adittional 5 mg half an hour before, for what its worth. It will help for faster recovery yes, but dont expect any extraordinary gains.

Dont do this for weeks on end. just take em when you need that extra ‘boost’.

just my 2 cents