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I got all As last term, which wasn’t even my goal, and very good evals in my new job (I also had a good bonus come in from my old job). The limber 11 stuff has been going great - I can actually feel my hips open up every time.

So I started back on a Mountain Dog program yesterday and am starting to clean up my diet (I’m looking a lot like my last “before” pic these days). I’ll probably start dieting for real again in February/ March when my kids’ basketball seasons end.

I’m feeling pretty good. I had really fallen out of doing stuff between life and cranky joints. Really appreciate the checking in and amazing help, guys - incredible community on here!


Join the club! I’m fighting to stay in the gym while taking a break from most of my regular exercises. I hope your body accepts the new program.


Thanks man! The Mountain Dog stuff is as old man friendly as a barbell program can be, I think. Ever tried?


No, I’ll have to look it up.


Mountain Dog!

That doesn’t look like a link, but it’s a link


Crushed it on the basketball court today. That is all.
TfP out.




Random question for some of you guys that are actually strong - how tight do you wear your belt for squats? I’m starting to feel like my back gets upset if I go too tight, but maybe (definitely) I’m just too fat.

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I’ve read that you’re supposed to be able to take a deep breath without being inhibited by the belt. I wear mine a bit tighter than that. I just go by the feel of my bracing. I wear it a notch looser and higher on my belly during deadlifts.


Thank you sir. I feel like I get it right on deadlifts, but I’m maybe too tight and a tad high on squats. What you’re saying seems to confirm that thinking.


littlesleeper is much better and experienced with the powerlifts than me, so listen to what he says more.

But I agree with J- ,you want it just loose enough so you expand into the belt. Like pushing into it so You get tighter.

If the belt is too tight it constricts you. This always makes me puff up my chest and overextend or overarch my back. In that extended position it’s harder for me to use my abs, and my back gets cranky too.


Boom! This is exactly what I’m doing. You have an excellent way with words to really describe what I have a tough time explaining.



I agree with JM and Flats. I wear my belt one notch tighter on squats than I do on deadlifts as well.
Not too tight that I can’t take in a nice big belly breath, but tight enough that when I “push out” for my bracing, it is nice and tight.
My belt position for squats is ~ belly button and below, while my deadlift position is ~ belly button and above.


Thank you, as well! This is super helpful.

Thanks gents! This is a great community!


This is exactly how I do it. I guess I need a bit more room to bend over for the deadlift. Sliding it up a bit allows me to avoid getting pinched.


I can’t say I’ve been truly strong, but I appreciate being included in the group :slight_smile:

I haven’t worn a lifting belt for 20 years. However, I’ve not deadlifted more than the mid-300s or squatted more than the mid-200s, so my experience may not be relevant.

ETA: you’ve gotten solid advice from strong people. And I concur, this is a great group!


Thank you as well! I appreciate everyone’s advice.


You’re welcome!


I just leave a wee gap. Enough so I can blow my belly into it, pressing it hard and making me feel like I have got abs😂


Thanks! How were the holidays?