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Did back today. Did a lot of rows and finished with deadlifts with the Dead-Squat bar. This actually felt like it was forcing me to get over my knees and open my hips up, which is good for me. Probably a keeper. I’m staying with the “stick with light weight” attitude, so I’m starting to feel a little better.


Did Chest and Shoulders yesterday. I was doing sets on incline with 215 while trying to stay light (this is relatively heavy for me). Taking it easier is paying off for me, which leads me to believe my norm is doing too much.


I should probably also mention in here I’ve been doing some prowler pushing and some farmers walks pretty frequently after a talk on here with punisher and flip collar. Too early to tell if it’s doing anything awesome, but potentially it’s showing up some weak links too.
I’m learning stuff!


Did a Meadows back workout today, and it was awesome. My workouts have been going great. On further reflection, I’ve been eating pretty well and more. I haven’t been sleeping any better, but I haven’t been on the road as much so I’m probably sleeping a little more. Weird how food and sleep help (duh). We’ll see how long until I get fat again, though…

In great news - my gym got a yoke and a belt squat. It’s seriously the best gym on the planet.


I’ve been keeping up with your log and, like you and @ChongLordUno, agree that the 35+ hobbyist/recreational/personal interest lifters can really benefit from the “anything > nothing” mentality for training. If i ever start a new log, that’s probably what I’ll name it.

Since I hit 40, I’ve realized recoverability and sustainability are the two key factors for me to maintain consistent training. I’ve actually (gasp!) let myself structure workouts around the lifts I ENJOY, then make sure to do the antagonist muscles to maintain balance.

The logs of @ActivitiesGuy and @simo74 have really challenged my previous practice of doing every doggone exercise under the sun every time I work out. Their simple, straight-forward approaches clearly demonstrate how less can be a whole lot more.


Thanks man! Although I know it’s not a very interesting (or well-maintained) one.

That’s a solid life motto.

I think this is pretty much where I am. I have some general concept of what area I want to hit, but then I do whatever I feel like. @Alpha puts up awesome workouts (for free!!!) on his site, and he frequently has folks pick lifts “they care about or think they can PR in” for their max weeks. Great minds and all that…

For sure. It’s cool to pick through this site and see what real people are doing and how far they’ve been able to go with it.

Thanks for chatting in here!


The Anything>Nothing workout plan

I like the sound of that matey


If I am being honest I still struggle with this approach even though I follow it to the letter (that’s either will power,
Stubbornness or stupidity). Deep inside I love the idea of training more and doing all sorts of other techniques like rest pause and negatives and occlusion etc etc. but the fact is I only have 2 days a week to train right now. I have a limited capacity to recover (like every one else), and keeping it simple makes it easy. By limiting the number of exercises, focusing on slow consistent improvement over time, I have seen real progress. Yer it’s not sexy and I miss getting my pump on some days but at least this way I can see progress and that makes me feel better about myself and pushes me to do more, win win.


We all want to get stronger and it’s tough to ignore all of the articles and their fancy intensification techniques.


Okay, but I also want to improve my deadlift…


Awesome, but I also want bigger delts…


Now we’re talking! I’ll just cram all three of these programs together and run them concurrently…

…And three weeks later I’m crushed and tired of long workouts six days a week.


You’re welcome, thanks for putting it up! I beg to differ about your log being uninteresting. On the contrary, it shows how a busy, married, working father trains, and effectively at that.

While that approach will likely yield subpar results for casual gym bros, for the more thorough lifters such as yourself and many of us here on T-Nation, doing what we enjoy keeps us coming back, leading to the greatest factor for gainz (and long-term health), namely, consistency.

My pleasure, thanks for opening up the log to discussion along with your training!


And I like your edit. If I start the log, I’ll tag you. I’m embarrassingly weak right now, training with limited equipment, and uncertain how consistent I can be at the moment, hence my hesitation.

This what I most like about your method. You’ve made consistent gains while remaining injury free and giving proper time to your family and work, demonstrating that balancing time between multiple priorities is possible.

Exactly how I’ve trained nearly all my life! I agree, it’s easy for me to get excited about most of the plans, techniques, and strategies I read about here. Maybe I should do what some other member I read once planned to do - set aside a few month block for a year and have a go with several different plans. When I look at my best progress though, I see that the proverbial tortoise’s approach has worked best for me - slow and steady, sticking to a good mix of a limited number of basic lifts.


It’s getting real in here! You guys are awesome.

Solid points. It’s hard to not go crazy! But then you’re smoked. Decisions.

This was awesome and probably exactly how we all think all the time. I remember reading Wendler writing something like “I want to lift like a powerlifter, look like a bodybuilder, move like a linebacker, and I need it in 6 weeks.”

Thanks! I at least keep showing up. Which, honestly, is the key to everything.

I’m enjoying this!

For real. This is just a hobby. When I didn’t have to run anymore after the army, I never did again. And I actually liked running early on, and was decent at it. I think it proves you have to enjoy this because you don’t have to do it.

Honestly, I try to remind myself every time I do anything physical that I’m really privileged to be able to do it. That keeps me rolling and makes me enjoy it.

With that, my current update, I’m back to traveling a lot so my workouts are getting even more “whatever I have here,” The bonus is I get to try out new stuff. I would do the push/ pull @ChongLordUno is doing, but I feel like it takes more thinking. LPP seems a little easier.


Yesterday was a fun day. I took my boy to a marvel superhero live show, and those folks are athletes. Then we went to a trampoline park and I was able to knock out front and back flips (obviously with the performance-enhancing aid of the trampoline #FakeNatty). And my knees freaking hurt today.

After that we all went to eat (it was my wife’s birthday) and see the Jack Black haunted house movie. Tip for parents: probably too scary for kids under 10, which both of mine are.
I don’t post pictures of my kids on the Interwebz, but I got one of my 5-year-old daughter blasting terminators with the big plastic assault rifle at the theater arcade and it warmed this old man’s frozen heart.

Now back to the airport. Hopefully I’ll be disciplined enough to do some lifting this week.


Pretty solid workout in an office gym today:

A. Machine Chest Press
Worked up doing sets of 10 until I couldn’t get 10, then dropped down and did a set of 6+ some myo-reps (thanks to @ChongLordUno for that)

B. Incline DB Press
Worked up to 99s doing sets of 8, then dropped to 75s for 15

C. Flat DB Press
Kept the 75s and did 3 sets of 10

D1. Dips
4 sets
D2. Cable Rear Delt
4 sets of 15

E1. Rope Push-down
6 sets of 10
E2. KB Side Raise
6 sets of 10

F. Crunch Machine
4 sets of 8ish


Office gym rowmageddon.
Nothing exciting to add. I’m getting fat (again) so I guess I will start to do some cardio. Anything but eat right.


I like the name change to your log :grin:

Instead of trying to do specific body parts when traveling, why not aim for full-body lifting (or whatever lifting one day) and cardio/conditioning the next?


Me too. Might snatch that name off him haha


Thanks @TriednTrue and @ChongLordUno. Our conversation inspired me.

It probably would be wise to do the full-body/ cardio set-up, and I probably will one day, but for now I don’t for two reasons:

  1. Full body takes more thinking. LPP I just do whatever in that plane until I’m tired (I have some guidelines, but that’s the gist).
  2. I don’t like doing cardio, and work days on the road are long - no way I’ll convince myself to go work out for just cardio.

Thanks for the thought, though - keep those coming!


Oh yeah - I did legs today. I squeezed it in between meetings so I did a lot of dropsets and stuff. I don’t remember specifics but I did:

A. Lying Leg Curls

B. Squats

C. Leg Press

D. One-leg Press

E1. Cable Pull-through
E2. BW Walking Lunges

F. Calf Raise

G. BOSU Crunch


If I’m doing push pull over 4 days and feel like throwing in a fifth day, then I do a full body number.

I’ve been doing a new session with clients lately actually which has been brutal however the feedback has been great

2 mins rowing interspersed with push/Pull/legs, done over 20-25 minutes

We also increase the intensity on the rowing trying to keep the split under a certain number

We start of at 2.25

Usually ending on 2.10

For example

2 mins rowing

20 x Goblet Squats

2 mins rowing

20 x shoulder press

2 mins rowing

20 x inverted row

All done for 20 minutes

Give it a whirl mate. Great way to get lifting and cardio done at the same time