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Run away from the shiny!

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First day of the new program that I’m committing to. Good start. I was strong and devastatingly handsome.

12 AUG 19
ME Lower

  1. Squat Overcoming Isometric
    4 sets of 6 seconds
    I did some hip 90/90s in between

  2. Yoke Bar SSB

  3. Upper Back DL
    275/6 x 3

4.1. KB Swing
25/10 x 4

4.2. GHR
BW/6 x 4

5.1 Shrug Machine
150/4 x 2

5.2. Rear Delt Machine
60/12 x 3


13 AUG 19
Double Stimulation Workout - basically just an active recovery day

  1. Leg Press
    3 sets of 25

  2. Lying Leg Curl
    4 sets of 10

  3. Machine Row
    4 sets of 10

  4. EZ Curl
    4 sets of 10

5a. Standing Cable Crunch
5b. BOSU Crunch
3 rounds

  1. 10 minutes of stationary bike
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14 AUG 19
ME Upper

  1. Floor Press Overcoming Isometrics
    4 sets of 6 seconds
    Did shoulder mobility between

  2. Floor Press

  3. OHP
    135/6 x 4

4a. DB Push Press
45s/8 x 3

4b. DB Side Raise
25s/10 x 3

5a. BB Row
225/4 x 3

5b. Pendlay Row
135/10 x 3

6a. DB Floor Skullcrusher
30/8 x 3

6b. Rope Pressdown
75/12 x 3

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You must be my brother from another mother

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16 AUG 19
DE Lower

  1. Hang Power Clean
    135/ 5
    I’m supposed to stay super light on these, but this may have been too light: I hit my face with the bar a time or two.

  2. Speed Squat
    135/3 x 2
    155 x 3
    155 + light heavyweight chains/ 3 x 6
    60 seconds between

  3. Block Pull
    3 blocks
    315/8 x 3
    10 Hanging leg raises between sets

4a. Box Jump
“5” box
5 jumps x 4 sets
4b. Belt Squat
1 plate per side/ 12 x 4

5a. Broad Jump
3 jumps x 4 sets
5b. Banded DB RDL
Black band around hips + 50lbs DBs/ 12 x 4
I saw Holly Baxter do these on a YouTube video, and they’re awesome - the band really cues you to make this a glute movement and not finish with back extension.


I ran what I think was just under 2 miles with my wife while the kids rode their bikes. Embarrassing how much that took out of me…

17 AUG 19
DE Upper

  1. Split Jerk
    Just playing with the split step rhythm here. Never got it.
    95/5 x 4

  2. Speed Bench
    135 + featherweight chains/ 3 x 6

  3. Seated BTN Press
    135/ 10 x 3
    DB Hammer Curls between sets

4a. Plyo Push-up
4 sets of 5
4b. DB Incline Press

5a. Cheaty McCheat Side Raises
45/6 x 2
5b. Strict Side Raises
25/10 x 3

6a. Snatch Grip High Pull
185/3 x 4
6b. MAG Cable Low Row
80/12 x 2


Just call it a Reverse Power Curl to Nose Bridge.

I’m liking the look of this new program you’re on. What’s the name again? I ask because apparently I prefer to type and trouble you to type back instead of simply scrolling up some posts.

Haha. It is Christian Thibaudeau’s “Conjugate Bodybuilding” from his site.

One week in, I’m enjoying it. I like the conjugate set-up, I like the optional days, so you can just lean into whatever’s your week looks like, and it’s the appropriate amount of supersets - I can move quickly, but I don’t feel like I’m rushing any of the big stuff. So far, so good.


Mate I am trying to tag you in my new log but It doesn’t seem to be playing ball :man_facepalming:

This made me laugh! Why so light? Is this a percentage of 1RM thing? I’d consider 165-185 light. It allows for speed without doing stuff like hitting yourself in the face.

Argh! What’s the title?

Honestly because I haven’t done them in forever and had no idea what to put on there. Then I was just lazy…

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Today was a good day!

19 AUG 19
ME Lower

  1. Functional Isometric Squat
    This is where you set pins at the mid-point (not 90; halfway up), lift one inch, and hold for 6 seconds.
    I worked up to 365 - definitely could have gone heavier, but I was ready to move on.

  2. Yoke Bar SSB
    That’s a big weight with this bar for me, and these reps were solid. I really focused on screwing my feet outwards; made a huge difference in how stable I felt and even helped me brace.

  3. Upper Back Deadlift
    315/4 x 3

  4. Hack Squat
    2 plates per side/ 10 x 4

5a. BB Shrug
225/ 6 x 4
5b. DB Rear Delt Raise
I don’t remember. 4 sets


Did my optional workout this morning in the hotel gym.

Leg extensions, pullovers, reverse hyper, curls all with dumbbells and adjustable bench for 4 rounds.

Then some crunches.

Then 10 minutes elliptical.

Nice work! 385 would fold me over on the ssb lol

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Thanks! This was an abnormally strong set for me, so I was pretty excited. I’m starting to get better about really rooting my feet into the floor, bracing super hard, and letting everything else just take care of itself.

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I’ll have to try those cues. How does your ssb max compare with your regular back squat?

It’s definitely less, but it’s also a different movement. It does help both my squat and my deadlift.

I’ve heard folks say things like “my SSB is 20% lower than my squat,” but it doesn’t scale linearly like that for me. There’s a bigger gap at higher reps - I can keep going with a straight bar longer than I can with an SSB at similar weights. As I get closer to my max, the gap seems to close a bit.

Gotcha. Thanks