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TfP T-ransformation 2018



W1 D3

10 rounds:

  • 5 Burpees
  • Run around house


  • 3 Broad Jumps
  • Deficit (3 mats) DL: 135/5, 225/5, 315/5
  • 8 TRX Fallouts

And that was it. I’ve been eating like a 4-year-old and it caught up with me today in the heat.


W1 D4


  • Pull-ups: 1, 2, 3… 10
  • Push-ups: 2, 4, 6… 20
  • Air Squats: 3, 6, 9… 30
  • Run up the short hill

Main & Volume

  • Pull-up: BW/5, 25/3, 25/5 the rest of the way
  • Incline Press: 135/5, 185/3, 215/3, 225/2; then 175/12, 175,8, 175/8
  • Side Plank: 10 seconds per side


  • 185/3 EMOM x 8
    My daughter was hanging with me and I got all kinds of confused. This was supposed to be 145 + bands x 10 minutes. Oh well.


  • 100 BB Curls


3 logs in 4 days

Someone is cooking on gas!

Keep it up mate


Thanks man! I obviously already failed by the time you posted this…

In other news, traveling is not conducive to Dark Horsing. I’ve been doing random workouts, and will continue tomorrow, I’ll be home Saturday and will decide if I’m going to stick with a plan I can’t consistently pull off or if I’ll keep doing whatever and/ or go back to the Meadows programs. I sometimes get bored with it, but my joints feel great and I can do it in any gym; plus it just plain works for my current old man goals of just looking ok.


When is your baby due by the way?


The baby is due in January mate. 12 week scan next week!

Yeah I thought the Darkhorse looked a little time heavy. Any workout that lasts more than an hour starts to stress me out as i always feel I have to be somewhere else doing shit!

With regards to random workouts, as long as you’re lifting or moving mate. That’s how I tide myself over when real life gets in the way.


Congrats! Are you going to find out the sex or be surprised? With my first-born, I did both…

And you’re 100% right about Darkhorse’s time commitment. It takes even more time when you’re in gyms you don’t know and trying to figure out what you can do. It’s just not realistic for me right now. Stupid real life…

Like you said, just doing stuff is key. I’m going to do a Pull - Push - Legs right now because that allows me to do whatever, whenever, wherever. Maybe I’ll actually get stronger too, since I’m pretty weak.



  • WU: 100 jumpropes
  • A. BB Row: 45/10, 135/8, 185/10 x 4
  • B. Pull-up: BW x 8, 10, 8, 4 (30 total)
  • C. Rack Pull: 135 + black bands/ 5, 225 + black bands/ 6 x 4
  • D1. TRX Rear Delt: 3 sets of 10
  • D2. TRX Face Pull: 3 sets of 10
  • E. Grip4orce BB Curl: 45/12, 65/6 x 3
  • F. One-arm TRX High Curl: 2 sets of 8


I want to find out the sex mate however she wants the surprise. To be honest, I’m twisting her arm and hopefully she finds out.

Can’t go wrong with PPL mate. So versatile and allows you to play by ear


Good luck! We were the opposite - I didn’t really want to know and my wife did. For my first, they tried to guess too early and then were wrong so it ended up kind of being a backward compromise. It’s exciting times man. You’ll be emerging from your house again in the springtime like a bear, so the timing is good too.