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TFood for TBabies?

So the birth of my son quickly approaches. My lovely wife is at 39 weeks, and I’m starting to poke around for ideas on “proper” baby nutrition (read: nutrition for eventual T-MAN)…

Most of the formulas I’ve seen on the shelves contain quite a large amount of S-O-Y.

Most of the baby food I’ve also seen, is nothing more than high GI liquid-type carbs (ie. them goopy carrots, peas, plums, etc)…

Has anyone been looking into this area of nutrition? Am I setting my son up for eventual diebetes and/or sugar cravings? What’s a T-Man to do to make his T-Babies strong and healthy from the get go? Should I be sticking some protein powder in with his goopy carrots?

I appreciate any response…

Your wife should be supplementing with EFAs, especially EPA & DHA, at higher levels. The non-water portion of your (and your baby’s) brain is 60% fat. If you would like to increase your child’s mental potential (i.e., intelligence and IQ scores) and health, have your wife START SUPPLEMENTING ASAP!!! And during breast feeding (or added to the formula), continue to add in EPA & DHA, flaxseed oil and/or Udo’s Choice (a very nice blend).

Stay away from soy formulas. Do a search on the forum for soy and come to your own conclusions. After that expand your search for "soy and baby formula" on Google or Excite. All that said, if you and your wife are able to do it, there's nothing more perfect for a baby than mother's milk.

As your child grows older, if you have the time and commitment, buy a food grinder and make your own baby food.

Good luck!!!

Have her breast feed. That’s the best thing hands down for the baby.

BREASTFEED!BREASTFEED!BREASTFEED! We probably will never discover ALL the benefits of same. There is nothing you and your wife (help her where possible) can do for the LIFELONG health of your son. Also, in my professional opinion, “baby food” is nothing more than indoctrination into the junk fastfood culture. I will also add what I will be doing for my first: finding an Osteopathic physician well-practiced in cranial-sacral manipulation, and having him/her apply same within 24 hours of birth.

Since my woman can’t breastfeed, I’ve been putting a lil bit of protein and flax in the bottle. Looking at the macro’s of the formulas just looks like the companies wanted to make the babies eat as bad as most of their parents.

At first I was a little worried about the protein, but when I checked the formula it’s the same type of protein I was putting in, so he’s just getting a lil bit more.

So I’m not alone thinking this way after all! Thanks people!

Yeah I know that breastfeeding is the best thing in the world for both my wife and my boy.

I’ve got to convince my wife to throw away the food guide the hospital gave us, and come up with our own solution. After all, what my wife eats will eventually end up in the breast milk!

I already knew that soy was evil, but thanks for confirming that!

I don’t think she would have believed me on, what the baby should have to develop the best he could, if she didn’t drop 40 pounds in a month eating what I told her to.

EFA! EFA!! EFA!!! It is mucho importante! And breatsfeed. I read a study once comparing breast fed junior high kids and formula fed junior high kids. The breast feds had something like a 40% higher IQ than the formula kids, on average. Granted, it is only a single study, and I cant even recall the source, but it is indeed food for thought. It is cool as all hell you are lookin out for the little monster already. Good luck!

This dude’s got to be the biggest retard there is. I have an idea, give your wife massive doses of MAG-10, Tribex, M, etc. That way the baby will already be in an anabolic enviroment before being born. And when he/she is born make sure to include those supps as part of the formula. Maybe Biotest will come out with a T-boosting baby formula. Relax pal, the formulas are all the same except for the soy based versions. They all contain whey/milk proteins and EFA’s as needed.

Hook up with a good pediatrician. Perhaps you can find one who is a DO and performs cranial-sacral manipulation to get the bones of the skull back into good alignment. You’ll need to see a pediatrician 24 hours after the birth anyways, so find one now. He/she will be able to share with you specific guidelines for bottle feeding, i.e. iron requirements, etc.

you’r a moron, excess protein for babies is relatively dangerous becuase of overloading immature kidneys. Breast milk has fuck all protein.

I seriously can’t believe that you would flame this father to be for looking out for the future health of his son. I think all parents need to be more concerned with their childrens current and future health. With the epidemic of childhood diabetes, parents need to ensure that their children learn healthy eating right from the start. If more parents were as concerned about their childrens health as eyuzwa is, our society may not have the health problems it does. Lifelong eating habits are learned when you are a child. Rougerat, no one is suggesting using anabolics in any respect, but rather simply saying that the health of the mother is the health of the baby, and that creating a strong, healthy person starts from when you are a baby.

Hell, I wish my father would have given so much care to what is going into my body when I was a baby. Eyuzwa, I commend you for looking out for you son. Good luck to you and your wife. Keep us updated on everything. Jeff

To the REAL RenegadeDragon, I apologize profusely. After re-reading the thread, I realized that someone else had posted a negative comment under your handle. Obviously that person isn’t t-man enough to put posts in their own name. Again, I apologize and commend you also for taking such good care of your t-baby!

I’d suggest getting a juicer that will extract the pulp without destroying it. Make your own baby food from whole organic foods. No supplementation!!! Do not add supplements to babies food. Look into getting as much as you can from the food itself. Otherwise I can’t tell you what babies need more of than adults. I’d say if they can have puried salmon then go for it! I’m thinking they’ll benefit from good fats and protien quite a bit. Probably turkey, tuna, salmon, fertile eggs, cream, milk, lots of vegetables when they are ready for them. Go low on fruits and high GI carbs… ideally for the rest of this childs life. Just a suggestion.

Oh, opps my bad. Yes have her supplement after the baby is born. She will pass all the nutrients in more proper ratios thru her milk. I still think you should not supplement the baby’s food directly until it is at least four years old. Around 6 start training! lol