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TFCC Tear Both Wrists


So I'm writing this because I do not see many people with the injuries that I have on here. I saw a few, but I would like to let you know about how I came back from my left wrist TFCC surgery and possibly going in for my right wrist when I cannot take the pain any longer.

So to make a long story short, a couple years back I started getting serious about Powerlifting. I got my raw bench up to 405 and thought finally, I am making some progress! Unfortunately, the day after I hit that 405 on the bench, I noticed a pain in my wrists that really was annoying.

After months of misdiagnosis of this injury, I finally met a surgeon who was able to diagnose my wrists after an MRI with dye injection. Complete rupture of the TFCC cartilage from the Ulna.

I want people who have this injury to know that I am right there with you. This crap is literally an extremely depressing road to go down and has really taken a toll on me. Anyways, after surgery I was in a cast for about 6 weeks, then did some little rehab stuff 6 weeks after that. After 12 weeks I was clear to lift again but even a year later, it just isnt the same.

Every waking second of the day, I have pains in my wrists and feel like they are a completely shot, yet I still go in the gym and overhead press and bench. I refuse to give up no matter what people or doctors say. If you want it, you can't give up. Is my bench and overhead press the same? Absolutely not, but for having some fawked up wrists, I can still deadlift 500+ and bench around 350.

The pain in my wrists I feel everyday pushes me to never give up and say screw all the odds. Lifting is what I enjoy, and if I have to suffer under the bar until someone can help me fix it, so be it. Hope someone out there going in for surgery reads this :slightly_smiling:


What was your rehab like?

Can you do any training to strengthen your wrists or grip?

Has this changed the way you hold the bar when you press?

Have you been wearing wrist wraps?

Sorry for all the questions, but is there any way to alter your grip, or the angle of your hands or something to take stress off your wrists? Maybe dumbbell pressing, or using bars with a neutral grip?


The rehab was just mainly regaining motion back in my wrists. After 6 weeks of stretching and just squeezing a little ball daily, I was finally clear to lift and began with just some light dummbell curls like 10-15lb and moved up pretty easily with little pain. Within literally a month, I had already filled back in and gained my size back. Funny thing is, I do alot of grip work which I neglected before my injuries, and I can double overhand more than most in my gym.

As far as benching heavy and shoulder pressing heavy, I have the long wrist wraps I like to wear and make a solid wrap upwards on my wrist to make it steady. Unfortunately at this point it is a matter of just living with the pain until I find a better surgeon.

F*ck giving up!!



Yikes, I feel for you. Man, when I bulked several years ago I went with heavy straight-bar curls and got such freaking tendonitis in my wrists that I thought I’d never be the same. It hurt for a couple of years (!!!), and thankfully all is okay now. I only do hammer curls now (which don’t hurt), and my forearms get enough work from holding the bar for deadlifts and good-mornings. Additionally, due to other problems I had to substitute lateral raises for overhead presses and sometimes have to do limited ROM flyes instead of bench when my shoulder flares.
I have never-ending shoulder (had surgery on the right, and now the left bothers me constantly) and back problems, and I understand how it beats you down emotionally. I’ve always been very healthy and active, even when I was chubby as a teen, so it hit me hard. I found myself wondering if I would have to eventually give up exercise and become a fat POS, thinking about getting old and crippled and suffering, and a host of other things with which I shouldn’t have bothered myself.
Since you have different goals than me and really want to lift heavy I’m not sure that I can offer good advice. I would personally tread lightly around that injury and let pain be my guide, and would probably look into hooks and substituting some exercises. That doesn’t sound like your style, though :slight_smile: