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TFCC Strain?


2 weeks ago to the day I was doing grip work. My gym only has dumbbells that go to 80lbs so I got creative with the mini swiss bar. I loaded it up with 180lbs and was holding it just you would a dumbbell only it is about 28" long or so. I did 3x30 secs each hand and nothing was wrong for 2 days then I started having some pain in my right wrist.

When I first started to feel the pain I figured It would be over in 3-4 days time but it actually got worse in pain for 3 days. I never saw any swelling but it hurt around the clock. On a 10pt scale I would say its a 3. I've had ACL reconstruction with only anesthesia (no pain meds whatsoever) and I called that a 5-6.

Fast forward 2 weeks and I'm still having troubles but the constant pain is gone, I only notice the pain if I supinated my wrist, extend it, or rotate my hand inwards or outwards. I'm unable to clench my fist a tightly as my left hand (I'm right dominate). Spring break is in 2 weeks and if it still hurts then or if I still have loss of function I plan on seeing my ortho.

From what I have gathered it seems to be the TFCC cartilage/ligament/complex thing in my wrist. It hurts from the end of my ulna and goes halfway up to my pinky finger and over about an inch to the medial side of my ring finger.

My main reason for this post is to see if I see a Dr. now or just wait and to see if anyone had experience with this. This is one of those frustrating injuries that affects literally everything. Turning a key, driving, talking on phone and changing the radio are just examples of things I either can't do A) pain free or B) at all.

Thanks in advance guys.


have you tried to massage your forearm? Or more accurately, have you used your finger tips to dig around into the forearm muscles? Many times you can feel a lump/cramp/adhesion. This makes the muscle shorter, and causes all kinds of discomfort and pain. If you work out the kink, you can lengthen the muscle and take pressure off, and help things recover faster.


Yes I have tried that. I am going to pick up Blue Heat ointment, a laser pointer and some DMSO and give them a shot. I’m young and healthy so I don’t think I should having so many problems.


Good luck with recovery! I’m glad to see someone young actually doing their grip work. I hope you’re healed up soon.

Everyone remembers Herman Goerner 1-Hand deadlifting 730+. But you never hear how his hand/arm felt afterwards.


That’s pretty impressive and I don’t even want to imagine what his hand felt like either.


I injured this area a few years ago and this really helped me a lot with my recovery…http://www.wristwidget.com
Hope it helps you !