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Texts from Last Night - Website




much better!!!

I love those sites…
I go on txts from last night pretty much everyday…
It makes you realize just how dirty girls are… lol

“My blind date has arrived. She looks like something I’d draw with my left hand.”


By far my favorite lol

Small sample of my favs.

(810): I just spent the last two hours on the phone with Emily trying to explain to her how to finger herself.

(858): in retrospect, sexting while high was a mistake - I meant to say “I’ll fuck you stupid, baby” but of course I said “I’ll fuck your stupid baby”

(720): Girl last night got so wet when I was going on down her it flooded up my nose. I nearly drown
(303): I’m at my inlaws playing Scrabble. Go Fuck Yourself.

(574): pube in her braces AGAIN. barely kept a straight face.

(225): Please stop trying to convince people that you’re retarded and I suck your dick in the same conversation.

(815): i was unaware that anal sex sometimes ends with shit on the bed.

(815): Thank you for leaving pool of vagina on my girlfriends carpet.

(608): You should just wear a sign that says “I like cheap Chinese food and anal”
(1-608): I like taco bell too

(970): She told me a very interesting story, complete with pantomimes, about how she got a habanero seed in her vag

(415): how hairy? two words: wookie tits

(573): shit is crazy. i just keep thinking that this kid growing inside Emily used to live in my balls.

(315): So we were in the middle of hooking up when he stopped me. I thought he was having a moral dilemma about the whole having a girlfriend thing. But no. He got down on all fours, butt naked, and started throwing up and farting simultaneously. I took it as my cue to leave.