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Texting While Working Out is Pathetic


maybe i'm old school, leave the phone in the car, your there to work out
I looked around today at golds and I see a cell phone next to every bench, and someone doing leg press and texting between sets.

why god why


I don't see the big deal? I mean once I get going, I don't usually text unless it's important, but while I'm warming up and still moving at a leisurely pace, I'll text, w/e, no big deal.

my phone also = my ipod, so it's always in my pocket. don't beat me up k?


Not against it unless it's hindering your intensity. I leave my phone in the locker because for me the 45-60min in the gym is MY time.

Plus my current gym is in a basement - no reception anyways.


he who cares least wins.


I don't like it, but if someone wants to waste their own time it doesn't bother me. As was mentioned it is nice to be away from the phone for an hour or so and almost nothing is so important it can't wait that long.


I have my laptop in my gym when I'm working out and sometimes surf and e-mail between sets.


It only bothers me if the guy is in one of two squat racks and spends 10 minutes between "sets" to cruise the net.


OP is being a Doucher if you saw a big guy texting you wouldn't be complaining but cause you saw a small guy doing it on a machine you wanted got you all butt hurt, cry moar.


I've never seen a guy with an impressive physique texting. If you are expecting an important phone call that's one thing, but just texting for the hell of it, unless you're trying to work your index extensors or something.


I sexted my (now ex) GF during a squat workout. I was wearing double ply briefs.

Not recommended.


^^Me too.

But I also saw a guy texting inbetween sets of leg press (quarter leg presses actually) but he was was sitting there for 5+ minutes between sets. On second thought he might have been adjusting his fantasy football roster...


I can deal with site errors, but I'm rather upset your avatar is not showing up.


My phone is my iPod so I have my phone on me during most of my workout. I don't text or call anybody then because that hour is mine and I refuse to get sucked into anything that may go down during then. I don't really have a problem with others texting though. It's the calls that frustrate me.


I'm surprised someone actually cares enough to make a thread about this. Are you bored or something? Just do your own fucking thing.


Oh no! Not texting between sets.

This thread is pathetic.


What if you're posting on this thread between sets? Is that gay?


OP must not have seen the squat rack curls thread...

I only text during my sets when Im front squatting... I just hold the phone out in front of my face and text away


Sorry, that was me :smiley:

I was sick of trying to get into my hub to change it I just took it down when I finally got to my edit page.


Really dude? Who gives a fuck? I actually rest between sets, and during that time I'm on my BlackBerry either updating my training log, texting, or switching songs.

I sincerely hope some douchebag skinny fuck (like you probably are) comes up to me and scolds me for looking at my phone. I'd really love to "accidentally" sling a plate in his general direction.



He who cares least wins.