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Texting While Walking...


makes me want to get a running start and tackle you blind side...think Terry Tate in the Office Linebacker.

Does anything make people dumber than "smart phones"?



Daytime television?

Public education?

The latest Star Wars trilogy?


I've seen people walk across 8 lanes of highway (60km/hr ) with people texting with their head down. 1,500lbs car tagging their blind side one day.

Edit: Media and the internet.



This has been a pet hate of mine for years. Through gritted teeth, narrowed eyes and careful obvervation, I've realized that most of the time, it's not texting at all but playing games.


Oh, fuck. I thought this was a thread with advice about how to walk and text at the same time. I need help with that.


I agree it's rude and annoying. That's why I try to limit all my texting to the privacy of my car.


I think its funny when in public every head is down, completely oblivious to real life as they peruse "social networks". There could be a hot bitch right next to some dude and he doesn't even know.



Try walking around Manhattan some day. It's always fkin women and they stop in the most ridiculous places to finish off their texts completely unaware of anyone around them. No freakin SA whatsoever. It drives me nuts!


There's an iPhone app that shows the ground while you're walking.

Regardless of how good my awareness or peripheral vision is I usually end up stopping in a corner to text away. I'm trying to not text in the car anymore.


As for what is dumb?

It's two people arranging to meet in social setting involving F&B and communicating to other people/gaming in front of each other.


How many of you give your smart phone to your kids to game with to occupy their time? Do they DEMAND it in now?


I've heard that a recent study has shown that people would rather get divorced than give up their smart phone.


I thought you mastered telepathy?


When did I say that? I mean, I DID master it, but it was part of Operation MKULTRA back in my CIA days, which I really wasn't supposed to just mention. Fuck. Not only have I blown my cover but I've revealed the nature of my work for them as well. I knew this was going to happen, because of my telepathic skills, but I never thought I'd actually be stupid enough to actually do it.


I'm with that character from The Hangover, I think it was Stu, who said "Don't text me; it's gay."



Funny, just last month a friend of mine was texting while walking late one night when two kids came up to him. One of them said, "I need to make a call, give me your phone." My friend basically understood this as he was geting mugged, and complied, handing the two kids his phone. When the kids saw that he was still using a flip-phone, they one guy said, "oh. nevermind" and gave the phone back to my friend. Lol!

Anyways, point is, its dangerous to text and walk! I know of a girl that was also assaulted while she was walking through Colombia campus while texting - again, the mugger just wanted her phone. Be careful, people!


I can't take credit for this but I felt it was timely indeed....

" New game for NYC walkers "Beuked" - if someone is walking full steam ahead at you while looking down texting. Throw them a hip check like Jeff Beukeboom used to do for the Rangers. They've just been Beuked and you've potentially saved them from being hit by a cab"


Yes they are called eyes