I’ve posted this before but only got one response. What are everyone’s favorite or recommended introductory chemistry, biochemistry, and organic chemistry textbooks? I have heard many good things about Biochemistry by Voet and Voet from usenet. What is the opinion on that book? Are there any recommended review sites? Are there any superior physiology textbooks? Have I missed any articles in T-Mag that recommended textbooks since Feed Your Head? Thanks.

I’ve got one of the Voet’s and Voet’s, but I only got it because I HAD to for a second year biochem course. But, I’ve certainly referenced it for later courses and actually for some of the stuff I’ve posted.

For organic chemistry, I’ve found McMurray’s to be the best book I got. I found that it would teach a concept quite nicely. It didn’t give enough questions/answers to drill the practical concepts in, but the Theory was done quite nicely.

My favorite genetics was done by Suzuki et all. (Suzuki is kinda famous here in Canada), but it’s just into genetics - and if you can count to two, you can do genetics.

For quick chemical reference, I find www.chemfinder.com to be a quick was to find organic chemicals - it’s not complete, but it’s quick.

Bro i dont think there is alot of text books being read by the folk on this board. No offence, but it seems most of this stuff is trial and error type learning or read it out of a book/forum/website by some random guy. In four years of uni i thought most of my text books sucked ass, and the lecturers explained stuff way better. Well arent i most unhelpfull hahaha

Whetu’s right- you’re searching the wrong site here dude. Try “biochemists insomniac students anonymous” or similar. However FWIW, I’d choose Voet every time. Most of my buddy’s liked Stryer, but I found it dry as f**k. Voet’s readable, and well structured.


To the contrary ny friends! Lots and lots of us are reading lots and lots of textbooks, whether for pleasure or against our wills. In regards to these particular textbooks, I know of a few good ones. What are you reading for? In regards to Biochemistry, different texts have different focuses. Some are more geared for medical professionals, in my opinion, and some more for chemists. If you are reading with a medical interest, I would reccomend Stryer’s text for Biochem. For a physiology text, my personal favorite subject, I highly reccomend Marieb’s Human anatomy and physiology. And, I cannot remember to save my life the name of a very good organic text I used in undergrad, I’ll have to look it up and get back to you, but it is a much easier read than Stryer’s Organic text.

I’ll second the recommendation for Marieb’s AP&P text.

Yeah, dude, I have to agree that Lubert Stryer does not like to communicate clearly . . .

Bump. Who else would like to see a new Feed Your Head with the participants of What We’ve Learned?