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Texas's Fattest Woman

This video is sad and pathetic. I don’t know how she dares complain about the fact she doesn’t have a successful date. Even if you could avoid being repulsed and fall in love with her, I can’t believe her heart will last much longer.


EAGERLY awaiting Shug’s response!!! Come on Chris, MAKE ME LAF.

she’s mine! although I’m sure there’s plenty to share.

Only in our PC America would a woman this “super morbidly obese” ever think this is okay. I always get a kick how they have obesity in their family and that’s okay. Ship her off to a 3rd world country and see how long it takes her to lose the weight.

She even has the nerve to turn this into a gender issue…honey…this is…your a fat ass hog who lacks self control issue!

I like how she implies that men go out with her expecting that she’ll put out.

Perhaps she got confused when they yelled “GET out” at the tops of their lungs…

The most amazing thing I saw in that video was the fucking wheelchair/scooter. I mean how much horsepower and torque did that sum bitch have. All that from an electric motor! The Toyota Prius can’t touch that scooter.

I’m guessing that some serious heavy duty structural steel was used in the frame as well. They probably used the same bolts they did in the Ford 150 commercial (This bolt is made of hardened alloy steel, hangs truck upside down…)

Sorry, I guess my sensitive side took the day off.


I think someone needs to read “Die Fatty Die” by Christopher Shugspear.


44 stone = 616 lbs


In the closing line she says anyone who thinks she should change ‘for society’ can bite her…

Damn woman, nature don’t make jaws big enough or bellys empty enough to take a proper bite out a you.

Is she not worried in the least about her impending and likely preventable demise?

Even though I shouldn’t feel sad for her… I do. :frowning:

That bitch is the absolute definition of a Salad Dodging Swamp Donkey.

I beleive Adam Sandler said it best “Keep it in the circus, Freak!!!”

When she got up from the couch to the scooter thing and you could see what she was carrying on her thighs… ewwww!

That is just… I have no words. Wow.

At least she’s happy. Well, she says she’s happy. How could you be happy like that?

Your and my hard-earned wages (taxes) are paying for the disability benefits for people like this all around the country.

Three words: Gastric…Bypass…Surgery…

BTW, heard of guys who have fetishes for this sort of stuff…

Here’s some eye candy for those inclined toward the full figured woman (The American Man Calendar)…

If she only needs one reason to lose weight, it should be…

…no one should get winded having a conversation !!!

-talking is the only workout she gets on her cardiovascular system, and thats not a good workout in my mind.


I love how during the whole video she’s trying to make a point about how society is judging her unfairly because of her weight when she can’t even complete a sentence without getting out of breath.

It just amazing that anyone would let themselves go that far out of shape and not want to do something about it.

Nobody has asked the pivitol question yet: What is this womans history of abuse, either sexually or physically. Such morbid obesity can only explain this shield she has created (think wall of bodyfat) to insulate her from the real world.
Outside of that I completely agree with china doll. who is paying for all this. Unless this woman is independently wealthy or inherited a ton of money, somebody has got to be picking up the bill. The only other thing I could imagine is that she works in IT or computers and can do so from home.
If it is none of the above then guess who is paying for her: the tax payers of texas-that’s who. screw us, you already are by taking our money you slob. Just think about it:

  1. Huge food intake (including eating out)
  2. Wheelchair repair and mantinance. That sucker has to cost more than the average wheelchair plus that motor probably has to be replaced often due to burnout. She is 616lbs.
  3. Meds-the stuff she needs to take for bed sores and arthritis alone have to astronomical. Let alone all the other diseases she is at a higher risk for. Her med bill even with insurance has to be more than my mortgage (god help us if she is on medicaid, there goes more money down the toilet)
  4. Asistance-who pays for her nurse that puts her shoes on and guess what-somebody does have to wipe her after she goes to the bathroom. And bathe her also so that her bed sores don’t get infected. That has to cost a fortune.
  5. Psychological therapy-for all the guys who respond to her personal add and then show up to see her waiting for them (alright, I am not serious about that one)
    She says over and over that she likes herself, I don’t buy it. She sounds more like she is trying to convince us that she likes her self, and I personally see right through it. Nobody and I mean nobody, who trully loves and respects themselves, would allow such disrespect to happen to the beautiful gift of health and body that we are all given.
    sorry for the rant but I just filed my taxes for the year and I want my hard earned money back from slobs like this. Maybe a law should be written for mandatory gastric bypass for these people if they want to have benefits that they don’t earn.

That fucking repulses me. i dont care if anyone thinks i am insensitive, its a fact that anyone with that much adipose tissue makes me sick. and no, being fat does not make you ugly, rivaling a hippo that has elephantitis in size makes you ugly.
as John Voight so eloquently said in “Varsity Blues”: “cry me a river you fat fucking baby!!”