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Texas teen deported to columbia


Hmm I guess she’s lucky she’s coming back. I wonder what Columbia’s laws about illegals and undocumented workers is?

And since she lied to a judge, they should make her pay for her tickets to Columbia and back. Then deport her to Canada (just kidding, eh)

WTF is wrong with people?

What my comments or that screwed up girl?

Well, on the bright side that clearly showed that she perseveres in the face of adversity and a certain strength of will.

Plus, her Spanish should be decent by now.

[quote]TigerTime wrote:
WTF is wrong with people? [/quote]

The girl. I get being upset and running away from home, but for fuck sakes, don’t get your ass deported over it!


Okay, she’s been returned. Turns out she’s been in Colombia for 8 months! They even gave her a job as part of a “welcome home” program. Even though she was making Facebook posts, at NO time did she ask to come home or reveal her real name to authorities. Oh…and she’s pregnant!

dumb ass bitch. This is the shit that happens when you are not truthful with the authorities : ( We should have left her there. As it is, last I heard she is coming home on “our” dime. You want home retard, you work and pay for it yourself !

[quote]Grneyes wrote:
Oh…and she’s pregnant!


Oh does COLOMBIA allow Anchor-babies?

[quote]limburg wrote:

[quote]Grneyes wrote:
Oh…and she’s pregnant!


Oh does COLOMBIA allow Anchor-babies?[/quote]

Columbia does…