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Texas T-Cell

The state of Texas needs to get a T-Cell together, and I have not seen any posts about one for us yet, if I missed it then I’m sorry and I want to join it :slight_smile: If not then I know that there has to be some other people on here from Texas, although we will probably need a couple of T-Cells because of the size of the state, me I am in Austin. So whats up are there any other T-Men/T-Vixens from Texas, especially the Austin area.

Well, Bulldog…I’m your Huckleberry. T-Rock is kickin’ live in Austin, TX, my friend.

So let’s get this party started!

I’m in Brownsville, but I don’t need much of an excuse to visit Austin. I’m in.

Well we have two, I’ll just bump for any others. Maybe we can even get ole Chris Shugart to come over to his home state and stop by our Cell, hint, hint if your reading this Chris.

Sancho the Bulldog…Shuginator was telling me that maybe he’d be down towards San Antone somtime. That’d be sweet to hook it up. I know there’s gotta be more T-Dogs in ATX and the area, baby. We’ll just try to keep this bad-boy around top for the kids to see.

Ft. Worth here.

Fort Worth here as well.

Cowboy up… ya’ll.

Yeah! I knew the Shuginator wouldn’t leave us hangin’!

Bump once again for the weekday readers.

Houston here.

I’m in houston also.