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Texas Strongest Man Contest


I am promoting in as well as competing in the 2006 Texas Strongest Man Contest to be held on May 13, 2006, in the Dallas Area in conjunction with the Ronnie Coleman Bodybuilding Classic.

The contest consists of 5 events done in this order: Trap bar deadlift; bench press, standing push press; chin up with weight attached, and a 1-handled dumbell lift known as the Thomas Inch dumblell. The handle of the dumbell is almost 3 inches in diameter. All lifts will be done for 3 maximum attempts and the winners will be determined by the total poundage lifted in 5 events. Only supportive gear allowed are belt and wrist wraps.

Please ask me any questions and I look forward to posting some updates on this event here. Paul Leonard.


I will be competing and helping Paul as well, great venue, real strength will be tested. Very excited!

Josh Bryant


Looks kewl, I might have to drive up there for that. Do you need to buy tickets in advance, or at the gate? Also, could you post or PM the address of the event?



Sounds like it'd be fun, but not really a strongman show. Is there a reason you decided to go with only one non-traditional lift?



I don't have the meet exact addy on me, it is in Grapevine, TX at the DFW Hilton, you can buy tickets at the door. Where are you located?

Take care,
Josh Bryant


Not really a strongman show....haha. Why? The strongest person actaully wins?
This is the ultimate
test of
raw strength and power designed by the Strongest Man in History...Bill
Kazmaier. It consists of 5 lifts each chosen to test the overall
strength of the human

TrapBar Deadlift: To test legs, hips, lower back, traps and grip
Bench Press: To test chest, shoulder and tricep power
Standing Push Press: To test shoulder girdle strength
Chin-up: To test upper back and grip strength
The Thomas Inch Dumbell Lift: The ultimate test of grip strength.

All of these movements are done with maximum weight for 1 rep. There is
dancing and prancing with circus props like you see on T.V. . This is
real, as
real as it gets!


This event looks badass.

Will it be filmed?

Perhaps television coverage?

Any well known competitors?

Josh, you must lift weights and stuff. I bet you are a fruitarian.


Cool stuff guys.



Hey Dan we will film it and will be making a DVD, I am sure play girl will want to film it once they know I am involved and chp n dales recruiters will be there, haha


Why trap bar deadlift? Why not regular deadlift?


Who is promoting? I am also doing the Texas Strongest Man contest, but it is in March and through the NAS...


Good luck to you all!


Is the NAS competition open to new competitors? Also, is there a teen division in either of these competitions?
I've been wanting to try strongman and don't really know much about procedure.
I've done some PL training and some tire flips and sled dragging. otherewise i'm totally new to strongman events.


Hi Matt,
The Nass version of Texas Strongest Man is more like a strongest track athlete. It will be a track meet, and a gateway to the Atlantis Strongest Man in America....which gave out over 10 Grand this year and will continue to get bigger and more importantly more money. The events are the same, as strongest man in america. We may run some contests with other events but they will be for one rep maxes.
As far as training partners in Houston, I would contact Tom McCullogh. My friend Caleb Rowton who will be competing in the contest lives there and will be back from Iraq in may, drop me your contact info and I can try and hook y'all up!


our contest is open to new competitors and we will have a lot of exposure because it will be at the Ronnie Coleman classic.
Feel free to contact me here by private message


I'm guessing there won't be different weight classes. In my opinion I think I have a mean pull up, but I only weigh 150 so my bench and deadlift will be no where near what the other heavier guys can lift.


we feel sumo deadlifting is more of a leverage lift. The trap bar eliminates even the option of going sumo. The trap bar is more of a squat/deadlift so we can kill two birds with one stone that way. Please read Bill Kazmaier explanation it in this thread! Thanks for asking.

Josh Bryant


I want to get some of my own strongman implements for my own training. I'm in central TX, and they don't have SHIT here that qualifies as real weights. I think I saw a weight place in Dallas as I was hauling ass down the interstate one day, but couldn't find it on the way back. I'm seeking out more olympic size weight plates, shot-put, big sandbags, etc. Naturally, I don't want to drop my life savings into having them shipped from the internet. I think shipping is almost as much as the product price. It sucks!


what's your name? ever lift in any uspf meets in austin? where abouts in central texas? i am in cowtown, right outsie of good ol' fort worth baby!