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Texas Strength Systems

Hey guys,

Just wanted to get some opinions to see if the benches, racks, etc. that Texas Strength Systems has are good quality and if anyone has had any experience with their equipment?


I have used a Texas Strength Systems bench in the warm-up area at a meet. It was VERY sturdy.

Thanks Dr J! Do you think it’s worth a buy? Looking at their bench and the rogue flat utility bench.

I haven’t looked at their prices, but if they are competitively priced, I’d say definitely worth buying.

Their bench is $155 and shipping is $50, totaling at $205. The Rogue bench is $175 and shipping is $45, totaling at $220. So I would only be saving $15 bucks. Might as well just go with the Rogue.

Hey Dr J and anyone else tried Texas Strength Systems Decline-Flat-Incline Bench? Looks a lot like Elite FTS 0-90 bench except it can do decline bench/decline crunches.


No, sorry, no experience with that bench.

Any thoughts on it though?