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Texas Strength Systems Equipment?


More specifically has anyone purchased their platforms?


Some really good deals on not just these platforms but a lot of stuff I need. But anytime something seems too good to be true, it makes me question it.


I hope its for real and not a scam, but I guess we have to see if anybody has ever purchased something from them.


What the hell? Surely somebody has bought from this place…

I need first hand T-Nation intel, damn it! =)


JP, I noticed from our website tracker that there were views coming from T-Nation, which I have long been a reader of (their articles), so I decided to join the forum to clear anything up.

I am one of the owners of Texas Strength Systems & would be glad to answer any questions you have in regards to our equipment as well as provide references. I am a powerlifter (as is the other owner) and we originally started building equipment for our own training purposes a few years ago and then we incorporated into a business a little over a year ago as there became a demand for our equipment from some local lifters around Texas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me and I’d be glad to answer them.




Ha…that’s pretty cool that you could see the hits coming from this thread…I’ve never considered that before.

Well thanks for speaking up…I’ll send you an email.